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Saturday, June 17, 2017


6/17/17/ This is the second high profile Ferry Boat Accident to manifest in less than (3) months after the Post. 

18 people injured after high-speed ferry strikes jetty in Massachusetts

Original Ferry Boat Post Below:

3/28/17  9:36 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Ferry (Boat)

Ferry has been repeating with Frequency over the last two weeks.

Read Timeline of the last few Repetitions starting with the most recent working back


3/28/17 (Tues)

Was watching (The Voice) on NBC. A commercial break occurs and a special preview of Spiderman (Homecoming) is shown at 7:10 PM CDT.

This preview showed Spiderman trying to rescue people on aFerry that blew up. Keep in mind this is a clip from the movie and a Ferry Boat in trouble happen to be shown in the midst of all these other Ferry Boat Repetitions. 

3/25/17 (Sat)

Was watching NBC Weekend News. A segment came on about Penn State Pedophile Ex Coach Jerry Sandusky.

There was a press conference with the an attorney general etc.
This took place in front of a wall with many words inscribed. I'm not sure what it was, but the way several people were standing I could make out only word behind them. That word was (Ferry).

3/23/17 (Thurs.)

Watching the (2001) Film Pearl Harbor. There was a scene with Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale that took place on a dock. In the background was a sign that had (Ferry tickets) inscribed on it.

Those are a few examples of Ferry repeating and there have been a number of others.

Based on a number of other Repetition Phenomenon Experiences it appears the Subconscious wants my attention on Ferry Boat. 

It is possible that we could get a high profile Ferry Boat incident that would turn into a major headline news story within the next few weeks, months or within 2017. 

Not a run of the mill Ferry Boat incident. More than likely significant. Maybe historical in some manner or considered one of the worst. There could be many fatalities. 

There are many locations throughout the Globe where Ferry Boats are used to transport people and autos.

I have rode on two Ferry Boats. One in Galveston Texas in 1976 and the other was the Staten Island Ferry in 1980. Rode it to the Statue of Liberty. 

Always possible a Ferry at one of those locations is involved in a newsworthy accident. Not limited to those areas.  

I could only speculate on what could happen.

Ferry Boat hits something and sinks and many drown before a rescue. A Ferry rams into a dock causing damage, injuries and possible fatalities.

Someone could sabotage one with a bomb or something else. Or a Ferry could catch on Fire. 

Maybe my subconscious will show me what could happen to a Ferry Boat in a near future Dream.

Major Ferry Boat accidents do happen from time to time. I don't think there has been a high profile Ferry Boat news report in the last year or so.

All we can do is wait and see.

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