For those of you that do read these on a daily basis you might recall the Clint Eastwood Dream posted yesterday. (Sun/6/18/17)

 Clint was driving in the Truck that looked like it was from his orangutan movie  (Every way which way but loose) etc.

Late last night before dozing off I ran across an hour long Documentary on Clint Eastwood's career. (I had no plan to watch this, it just showed up)

Coincidence? Could this have been the reason for the Clint Eastwood Dream. 

There was a scene of him driving in that (Every Which Way But Loose) truck with the late actor Geoffrey Lewis as the passenger. 

There was some information and interviews that I had not seen before. 

How those Spaghetti westerns actually came together and how Clint was the last on Sergio Leone's list to play the man with no name and how the music and foley artists actually made those films a hit.

Clint thought the first one would fail but he needed the 15 thousand he was paid.

The Documentary laid out that becoming a major box office star was in his destiny pattern.

So was this the result of the Dream? Or is this  another clue that something is close to manifesting? News or Fla. Lotto results.

In addition: Today/6/19/17/Mon I was on the other side of my house in what I call my situation room etc. I was cleaning up old VHS tapes etc. I found one without a title.

I popped it in a player and the first thing on Screen is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some Documentary about him from 10 years or longer ago.

Coincidence? Or could this be a heads up to something about or connected to Arnold manifesting soon. (News or Lotto)

Bday is 7/30/1947. turning 70 soon. 

Maybe nothing at all. But past experiences just like this usually have a rapid outcome.

That is if you believe in (There are no accidents in the universe) cliche. 

We will see. Maybe nothing at all. But if I don't post it then no one would believe.

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