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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


6/13/17/ It is possible this is why the subconscious conjured up the Dream in the way it did. The inmates escaped this morning in GA. Only (2) days after the Dream.

 I suggested in the 6/11/17 Dream Summary that two or more prisoners could escape. I should have elaborated. I was not shown violence in the Dream. Interpretation is always challenging when I'm up against the clock to get these posted as quick as possible. 

Inmates kill prison guards, escape during bus transport

Original Dream Below:


Nick Sandow was shown as his (OITNB) prison warden character (Joe Caputo). So I would recognize him.

Brad Pitt and my Dream Character were carrying these  old and worn brown leather satchels. 

Nick guided us out of this building onto this plush green large lawn. The grass was so green and thick. Beautiful.
There was a small cinder block wall (low to the ground) that surrounded this lawn. I could also see a body of water in the distance. It was a nice day.

Nick pointed to the left and motioned for me to walk that direction.

Then he asked Brad to follow him. 

That is all I recall.


So interesting how the subconscious will conjure up all these different scenarios and splice people I know and or Celebrities to get my attention on them.

Why not just show me their images and keep it simple.

All of the Fragments in a Dream hold meaning. It is difficult to figure all of them out. 

Green plush grass could mean something good. A new path which is greener. 

Or the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill?

I go by the environment and how I felt during the dream.
Which was blissful.

At this time I have no idea what the old and worn brown leather satchels were about. 

Nick Sandow does run a prison in Orange is the New Black.

It is possible two (maybe more) prisoners walk out of a Prison disguised as someone. They might receive help from an insider. Or something like this. 

I'll be thinking about this Dream Sequence. I might update later. 

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