BREAKING NEWS/ NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL (PARIS FRANCE) HAMMER ATTACK (Maybe Terror Related)/ READ NOTRE DAME DREAM (Posted yesterday 6/0517 and NOTRE DAME Repetition Phenomenon 7/26/16 Post) plus SHOCKING TRENDING NEWS/ TUES. 6/06/17

6/06/17/ Keep in mind the Notre Dame Cap Dream posted yesterday (6/05/17). Local Fire Fighter was shown wearing a Notre Dame Cap. Maybe the Subconscious wanted my attention on the idea of the Fire Fighter being a public servant and something of an Emergency at Notre Dame. I summarized that the Cap represented The University of Notre Dame, but now it might have been due to the attack at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France today. (maybe). 

The Notre Dame Repetition Post below is from 7/26/16 and mentions an attack could happen at Notre Dame Cathedral. This would satisfy that Post. Which means we could still get major news about or connected to the University of Notre Dame.

Either way the subconscious did get my attention on Notre Dame. 

Notre Dame hammer attack suspect yelled 'This is for Syria'; terror investigation launched

Original Notre Dame Repetition Post Below:
7/26/16  6:50 PM CDT.

Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon/ Notre Dame

Has been repeating as Notre Dame University and Notre Dame

I have the dates and times listed. Too Many to post. 

I'm sure most of you are familiar with my experience with this by now. If not look back at one that has the time and dates listed so you will get an idea. Look for title (Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon)


 Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France

After I saw what happened to the Priest in France today...I started thinking that Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris could easily become a mark for potential terror activity.

It's obvious that Lone wolf and or terror attackers are looking for soft targets with little or no security. Why would they bother with a place that has an overload of security.

They will take the path of least resistance and still get major news headlines. 

Not where and nobody is safe from these type of surprise attacks. 

These type of attacks have been going on in the Middle East for many years. Daily suicide bombers take out hundreds of innocent people. It hardly makes news headlines anymore when it happens in the Middle East. 

France appears to be in the cross hairs of terror groups. 

Outside of a terror attack...something else could happen at Notre Dame Cathedral that would draw the attention of major news sources. 

Notre Dame could hold other meaning.The Inner guide appears to want my attention on Notre Dame for some reason.

Notre Dame Cap Dream Fragment from 6/05/17 below:

6/05/17  10:33 AM CDT.

Dream Fragment:POV

Close up of Bill (very life like) shown in an image I would recognize. 

I noticed he was wearing a Notre Dame Ball cap.

I recall asking him how long he had been a Notre Dame Fan. He appeared puzzled. I pointed at the Hat. 

He flipped the hat off and glanced at the front of the cap and looked surprised. Like he didn't know he had this hat on. 


I think he is a Florida Gator or Crimson Tide Fan. 

Has to be some reason the Subconscious wants my attention on Notre Dame.

Very possible we will get a high profile University of Notre Dame headline news story within the next few weeks, months or within 2017 and maybe later. 

That news could be about an event that happens on the Campus or something that happens to one or more of the students that attend the University. A Faculty member could also be involved in something.  

We could also get news about or connected to the Fighting Irish (Football Team). Sometimes they have Players that go astray. Major Media always covers this type of news. 

Maybe Notre Dame will have a great 2017 Football Season. Could they go to the College Football Playoffs? Or compete for the National Championship? Maybe. 

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