6/30/17/ This makes the second Active shooter headline news this week. This one resulted in a number of people shot and one killed including the shooter. The 6/27/17 Redstone Arsenal active shooter scenario turned out to be a false alarm. 

Police cars swarm Bronx hospital after active shooter reported

Gunman Opens Fire At Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center: 1 Dead, Six Wounded

The gunman who opened fire on a Bronx hospital, fatally shooting one person and injuring six others before apparently killing himself, was a doctor who once worked there, authorities said.

Original (251) Repetition Phenomenon Post Below:

6/18/17  6:02 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ 251 repeats


1) 6/17/17/ Sat. I walk by a room in my house and give an involuntary glance at an old school LED radio clock and see(2:51 PM)Note: The time is actually 3:51. I did not move this clock an hour ahead during the Daylight Savings time Change. 

2) 6/18/17/ Sun. I walk into my bedroom and give an involuntary glance at my DVR clock (2:51 PM CDT.)

3) 6/18/17/ Sun. I'm watching NBC Sunday Night News with Kate Snow. 

There is a segment on about (Pay to Stay) Jails. The price of one mentioned was ($ 251.00) at (5:41 PM CDT.)

3 times in just over 24 hours. At least the ones I caught. 

It was this (251) repetition which made me decide to post.

What could this mean:

I use to number the posts when I first started the Dreamcognition Blog in 2007.

all of those posts numbers were absorbed by my subconscious which I have discovered will use to get my attention by putting me into position to note them. Usually in odd and rapid ways to make sure I pay attention. 

1) # 251 equals active shooter (Spree/ Sniper/Mass) etc. It encompasses anything to do with a person using a firearm to inflict harm or death upon anyone. 

You can look back to the last (251) repetition phenomenon post and see two high profile active shooter scenarios manifested into major headline news. The most recent was the shooting at the Republican members of Congress practicing baseball at an Alexandria Va. Park. 

It is possible we will get another high profile active shooters cenario within the next few weeks or months. Probably not far off. Not a run of the mill active shooter situation.

2) 251 or some combo of these digits could hit at as a Florida Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot in less than 30 days.

3) Always possible (251) could hold other meaning. It could be connected to a home address, bus, train, boat, or plane number that becomes the center of high profile news story. 

Or an amount of individuals affected by something. Headlines might read (251) people etc. Not limited to people. 

4) 251 is the area code for Southwestern Alabama. Which includes Mobile Alabama. A high profile news scenario could occur within this area of Alabama in the near future. It could be affected by a Hurricane. Maybe a Direct Hit. Not limited to this situation. 

Those are some suggestions as to what (251) repeating could mean. 

This could also be a Coincidence which leads to nothing, but that is usually not the case. 

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