5/15/17 (Mon. Eve.) Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo (312)

Timeline prior to tonight's Pick (3) Jackpot result

1) Sunday 5/14/17/ Recorded Modern Family Season Finale on 5/10/17 (Wed).

I decide to watch it today at 2:35 PM CDT. (why today?)

You can fact check this: Jay (Ed O'Neill) is reading the same book as his Son Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Jay mentions only one page number (312). It was like the volume went up on the TV. Many past experiences (just like this one) has taught me to pay attention to this type of inflection. I jotted (312) and how it occurred on my notepad to see if it would repeat again.

 It did less than (4) hours later. 

2) Sunday 5/14/17. I spontaneously decide to go get something to eat. I leave the house at (5:55 PM/ also repeating now).

At 5:56 PM a car pulls out of a side street to my right. They appeared to be in a hurry or did not see me. I couldn't help but see the digits on the license plate. Exactly (312). I jotted this incident on my notepad. 

Then of course I see tonight's Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Result of exactly (312). See Fla. Lotto Result Archive at the top. 

It's not a cliche: There are no accidents/ There are no Coincidences.

Your Future is being shown to you 24/7.

With all the recent craziness, sadness and fear going on in the World right can't be random...there has to be a reason and a plan.

But then again....maybe I'm choosing to look at it this way.

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