5/10/17  11:51 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Niagara Falls


1) Sunday/ While Watching a new episode of the hit HBO Series (The Leftovers) Actor Scott Glenn brings up a Cassette Tape he was looking for with (Niagara) on it. He explained it was a tape his son made in (1981) about their trip to Niagara Falls.

2) Tues Eve. (5/9/17) Watching a new episode of the ABC Hit Sitcom (American Housewife). There is a scene between Katy Mixon and Deidrich Bader that takes place in a room of their home. I notice a picture on the wall behind (Bader) that has (Niagara Falls) in Big letters on it. (7:51 PM CDT.)

3) Wed. Morn (5/10/17). Flipped on the TV at 9:15 AM CDT. I went to ABC. Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are in progress. 

Moments later actor Matthew Perry is introduced. Matthew and Ryan begin talking about the transition of moving from California after so many years to New York. 

Suddenly Ryan Seacrest starts talking about wanting to see Niagara Falls at (9:26 AM CDT.) within 11 min's of flipping the show on. 

Sure seems like the Subconscious wants my attention on Niagara Falls for some reason. Why?

It is possible we could get a high profile news event about or connected to Niagara Falls (The Falls or the City) in the next few weeks, months or within 2017. More than likely Niagara Falls would be in major News Headlines. 

I could only speculate on how Niagara Falls could make the news. Maybe more info will show in a Dream or another repetition cycle before anything occurs. 

It is rare for the Subconscious to show anything for run of the mill reasons. 

Now that I have acknowledge the repetition it will be interesting to see if the Subconscious continues putting me into position to hear or see Niagara Falls. 

Maybe another Coincidence.

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