5/07/17  11:15 AM CDT.

Billy Jack/ One Tin Soldier (Song) Dream

My Dream Character had been cast to star as Billy Jack in a remake of the classic 70's movie. 

I had to undergo training in martial arts and firing a handgun.

The theme song from the original movie (One Tin Soldier) by (Coven) would play over parts of the Dream. 

At one point I was prepping what looked like a (357) Magnum Hand gun. Not 100% it was a (357) but for some reason this is what resonated in my mind. 

It was all so real. I could feel the gun in my hand. 

I remember talking to a Female Producer (unknown) about how important it was to get this remake right.

That I didn't want to see it turn into the terrible remake of (Walking Tall). (Another classic 70's Hit movie).

This is all I could recall prior to waking to record the Dream. More from this Dream could rise to my mind later. 


I don't expect to be involved in a remake of (Billy Jack:) nor I do I feel a remake is necessary. 

A few years back I read where a remake was in the works of this Classic 70's Hit that starred the late Tom Laughlin. I have not seen anything updated on the potential remake. 

Tom Laughlin created the Billy Jack Character. There were (4) Billy Jack movies. (The Born Losers, Billy Jack, The Trial of Billy Jack and Billy Jack goes to Washington)

The original Billy Jack was the best of the group. You should do a history on how this film got made. It is interesting and changed Hollywood's idea on independent movies.

It took 3 or 4 years before it got a wide release to US audiences. There is no exact release date for this film. 

It is a miracle the original Billy Jack film ever got made and released. Tom Laughlin was Billy Jack. It would be difficult to find an actor that would be accepted in this iconic role.

I could be channel surfing and run across the original Billy Jack Film and decide to watch it. Which might mean nothing more will evolve in the future. 

Hopefully they won't turn Billy Jack into a TV series. 

Something else about or connected to Billy Jack could make headlines news. 

One tin Soldier by Coven Dream Fragment

The song (One Tin Soldier) by Coven was not produced for this film. It did appear to fit the movie and the song became a big hit in the early 70's. It is a catchy tune.  Do a history on the group and the song. It is interesting how these things come together. 

It is possible we could get a high profile news story about or connected to this song (One Tin Soldier) and one or more of the members of Coven in the next few weeks, months or within 2017 and maybe later.  

I could flip on the radio in my house or my car and One Tin Soldier by Coven comes on or it is in progress. 

The (357) handgun Dream Fragment

The Dreamweaver will use all sorts of things that have 3 or 4 digit numbers connected to them for Florida Lotto Purposes.

In this case some combo of (357) could hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot in the next 30 days.

Hint: These (3) digits hit on 5/04/16. It is possible some combo of (357) could hit as an echo Jackpot soon. There have been no echo Jackpots in May 2017 yet.  

A (357) handgun might be reported being used in a high profile murder or spree shooting in the near future. Maybe a local shooting or crime. Not limited to this type of news. 

Has to be some reason the Subconscious conjured all this up. 

This is another of those Dream Sequences when something else could rise to my mind about it later. This happens all the time. Usually I will update the original post. 

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