5/24/17   9:05 PM CDT.

Massive Bee Swarm Dream/POV/ Daytime 

The Setting: Took place at what looked like some outdoor bazaar or Flea Market near an interstate

Another of those life like Dreams.

At first I thought I was watching a Sci Fi movie

This Bee Swarm was huge and the bees were not small honeybees.

They were large, aggressive and attacking any living thing in their path. Not sure what type of Bee species this was. 

I  heard blood curdling screams. People were running and swatting, going for any cover they could find. 

I noticed men, women, children and animals dead with these large boils all over them. Like a plague. Reminded me of Smallpox. 

It was a terrifying and real scenario. 


It is possible I will run across a sci fi movie in the near future similar to the Dream Sequence. 

The Subconscious will dramatize a Dream to make sure I pay attention. This one got my attention.

This could be Foreshadowing an actual mass bee swarm attack that could manifest somewhere within the next few weeks, months or within 2017. 

Someone might record an incident like this and you can bet that would go viral and major news sources would pick up on it. 

 Fatal bee attacks are reported from time to time. Not all make high profile headline news. 

If one does happen like the Dream it might be considered a historical tragedy. 

I've seen footage of Bee Swarms but nothing like the one in the Dream. 

Maybe we will get the massive Bee Swarm incident without the casualties. 

Something about or connected to a mass bee attack (regardless of the size of the Bees) could become headline news in the near future. I hope no one is harmed (especially children).  

It is also possible something about or connected to Smallpox could become newsworthy within 2017. (maybe later) Let's hope there is no outbreak of this extremely deadly virus.

Could bees carry Smallpox? 

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