5/09/17/ Escaped Lions plus Dream posted only (3) months ago on 2/08/17. The Month of May was mentioned in the Dream Summary as the potential time frame this could occur. You will see this toward the bottom of the post.  

Hunt on for lions that escaped popular tourist destination

Officials in South Africa are searching for four lions believed to have escaped from Kruger National Park, the country's biggest wildlife reserve.

Make sure to look back and read the interesting long version of that 2/08/17 Dream. 

Lion Dream Fragment and Dream Summary Below:

2/08/17   8:26 PM CDT

Tigers, Cheetah, lioness running loose around a neighborhood Dream

Then I noticed another big cat emerge into my POV. It was a lioness. She looked like she was ready to pounce on the Cheetah.

What could this mean

1) Very possible this is a heads up that some exotic animals break free of their enclosures and roam around a neighborhood terrifying people. (The Neighborhood in the Dream felt like the USA/ But that does not mean an incident like this would be limited to a USA Neighborhood) or that an incident like this would be limited to a Neighborhood. 

They could escape from a Zoo, a circus, or one of those exotic animal Sanctuaries. It's possible these animals are being transported by Truck, Train etc. and an accident sets them free. Not limited to those suggestions.

Although I was shown specific animals (Tigers, Lioness, and a Cheetah) other animals could also escape and be reported. 

Has to be some reason the DW was so specific on these Big Cat species.

An incident like this would more than likely be caught on video and also be covered by major news sources. A video would probably go viral. This could happen soon or within 2017. Maybe later. 

2) The DW spliced all of these Big Cat species into one Dream Sequence to get my attention on them.

It is possible that separate news incidents dealing with each animal could manifest. One on Tigers. one on a Cheetah, and one on a Lioness (Lions) within 2017. Not run of the mill news. 

3) A news report could develop about a community where it is legal to own exotic animals. These animals are treated like family pets and are taken for walks etc. like a dog owner would do. 

Those are a few suggestions as to what this very real Dream Sequence could mean. Not limited to any of those. 

It could be something else. 

The name or word (May) on the Package Dream Fragment:

The Dreamweaver had my Dream Character deliver this package to someone with the last name of (May). 

Maybe for a time frame. As an example: The exotic animal incident could happen in the month of May. 

If more rises to the surface of my mind about this Dream Sequence I will update this post.

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