5/05/17/ Who knew there was a Survivor still alive. I'm sure this made headlines because tomorrow is the 80th Anniversary of the Disaster, but it could have been more generic without the Survivor recall story.  Could we get a near future Airship/Blimp/Zeppellin incident? (maybe)

'The air was on fire'; Last survivor of the Hindenburg Disaster remembers the moment the huge airship burst into flames 80 years ago and killed his father and sister

  • Werner Doehner was just eight-years-old when he survived the Hindenburg 
  • He remembers his mother throwing his brother to the ground to save him 
  • 36 people died when the giant airship caught fire 80 years ago 
  • Doehner is now the last living survivor of the infamous disaster and lives in Colorado 

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Original HIndenburg Repetition Phenomenon Post Below:

11/16/16  8:10 PM CDT.

The Hindenburg Disaster/ Repetition Phenomenon

Potential Catalyst that may have triggered the following Timeline: 

Was looking back at my Chicago Cubs (History repeating) post from 11/06/16 yesterday. I noticed that one of the major news events I posted that occurred from 1908 was a Dirigible Explosion over San Francisco Bay. (You can look back to Fact Check)

Yesterday Evening the Following started: HindenburgDisaster 


 1) 11/15/16/ Tues Eve:

Watching the ABC hit sitcom (American Housewife/New Episode) Have never seen before

Dialog: actor Diedrich Bader references (The Hindenburg Disaster at (7:50 PM CDT.)

2) 11/16/16/ Wed. Morning:

I'm reviewing shows on my DVR. I run across 4 episodes of NASA's Unexplained I have not watched yet. I check out each synopsis. The one from 9/27/16 has a segment on (The Hindenburg Disaster)(1:28 AM CDT.) What are the odds? Makes you wonder why I decided to examine these now.

3) 11/16/16 Wed. Morning:

I'm online and I check out (Deadline) website for TV and Movie News. (Note: I don't check this site everyday).

At (11:55 AM CDT.) I run across the following article caption

Studiocanal, Parkes+MacDonald ImageNation Team On Four Euro-Centric Films: Hindenburg DisasterAmong Them

You think this is an accident I ran across the HindenburgDisaster for a third time in less than 24 hours? 

4) 11/16/16 Wed. Evening:

Watching the hit ABC Sitcom (Speechless). I notice an actor I have seen a number of times but can't recall his name. (I confuse him with another actor). So I do a search on IMDB.

His name is (Rob Corddry). So I scroll to projects he has been in. Now I know why I forgot his name and watched this episode of (Speechless) tonight...Not a show I watch with consistency. 

The first one I run across at the top (8:05 PM CDT.) is:

The Hindenburg Explodes! (2016)

A man travels back in time in an attempt to stop theHindenburg disaster.


  Danny Jelinek


  Rob Corddry (creator), Rob Corddry 

Special Note:
 (4) times in less than 24 hours I have been guided to see or hear (The Hindenburg Disaster)
Do you think this is a mere Coincidence??

Note: Have had (The Hindenburg Disaster) repeat in the past with major news results within a reasonable time frame. (Search Hindenburg to fact check)

Reps occurring this fast usually means something is close to manifesting!

What could this mean:

A) We could get high profile news about or connected to theactual (Hindenburg Disaster) that occurred on May 6, 1937 within the remaining 2016 or within 2017.  The Hindenburg or Hindenburg disaster might be in the headline. 

It is possible something new is reported about what actually blew it up. There have been a number of theories but no conclusive proof. 

I noticed after past (Hindenburg) Posts...news would be reported about artifacts or individuals that were connected to the event. 

B) We could get a high profile Blimp/Zeppelin/Airship incident soon.  Which would mean the Inner Guide provided the (Hindenburg) reps for symbolic reasons.

One could have an accident that attracts major news sources. If one suddenly blew up it might be compared to the(Hindenburg Disaster). 

After the last Blimp Dream it wasn't long until Global news about the new (Airlander 10), the largest Blimp in the world, manifested. It had an accident 7 days after it's maiden voyage. 

It's possible the (Airlander 10) nicknamed (The Flying Bum) will make news again. Could it have another accident.  

Not limited to the Airlander 10. Something could happen to a Goodyear Blimp or one of the other companies that use Blimps to promote their Business name. 

I think you get the idea.

C) Media might compare some major snafu as the(Hindenburg Disaster). Think a Government problem or some well known business. Used as a metaphor etc.

There has to be some reason the Inner Guide (Subconscious) wants my attention on (The HindenburgDisaster) now.

It will be interesting to find out why.

I could be mis interpreting all of this. It happens. 

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