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Wednesday, May 24, 2017



5/24/17/ This happened locally. Not a casino barge as I interpreted, but a very large 100 foot barge which did wash up on our beach. I suppose it's possible this is not the result of the Dream but it triggered the Casino Barge Dream post when I saw the local news. The subconscious may have used the Casino Barge to get my attention to a Barge. Normally I would have included this in the summary. 

100 foot Barge washes ashore at St. Andrews State Park

PANAMA CITY BEACH — Early morning beach goers at St. Andrews State Park were surprised Wednesday to find a barge had washed ashore in the overnight stormy weather.

Original Barge Dream Below:

1/17/16  8:44 PM CDT.

Casino Barge or Dream

Daytime setting:

My Dream Character was walking toward a Beach. I could not see the water from my POV due to the high sand dunes. 

I walked between two dunes into view of the Beach.
That is when I noticed to my left a huge structure that had tipped over on it's side in the shallow water. 

As I moved closer to the structure I noticed several people taking pictures or video.

That is when I realized it was one of those Casino barges
Like you would see in Biloxi Miss.  Dream faded.

 It is very possible that some location that has Casino Barges has a problem with one or more of those. It may or may not be anything as the Dream suggests. 

A weather event or freak accident might cause one or more of these to tilt on their sides. Possibly a very low tide could be the cause. Maybe vandalism or sabotage. 

Or one or more could break free from where they are anchored and wind up floating away. 

I can't recall anything like this becoming headline news in the past. 

I'm sure if anything like this happens or is similar to the Dream, you can bet it will draw major media attention and possibly be caught on video. 

It will be interesting to see what may manifest from this Dream Sequence. 

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