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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


5/16/17/ What are the odds a Badminton Racket would make High Profile Headline News in this manner. Freak Accident. 
The Dream was specific on a Badminton Racket. Most of these Dreams eventually make sense. If I don't take the chance on posting them in advance no one would believe. Physical Evidence is the only way to show how real this experience is. 

Pensioner has her head impaled by a badminton racket after it flew out of her granddaughter's hand and hit her

  • The 65-year-old was watching her granddaughter play badminton on May 14
  • The racket flew out of the young girl's hand and impaled the nan's forehead
  • It was removed during a three-hour-long surgery 
  • The woman remains under observation in hospital in Neijiang, China 

A pensioner had her head impaled by a badminton racket in a freak incident while watching her granddaughter on May 14.
According to reports, the woman was stood on the sidelines watching her daughter play when the young girl's racket went flying into the air, impaling the grandmother.
The object was removed during a three-hour-long surgery. The woman remains under observation in hospital in Neijiang, China's Sichuan province.

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Badminton Racket Dream Fragment from original Dream below:

3/11 10:52 AM CDT.

On a break from the course, Jeff picks up a Badminton racket and extends it in my direction. He tells me he has set up a match for us against some others. He points in the distance to an outdoor Badminton court. Note: in college I was a pretty good Badminton player. Have not played since then. 

I stress to Jeff  that I can't do stuff like this anymore. He smiled and forced the Badminton racket into my hand and said let's go. 

He was non stop. Manic type energy. 

As we walked toward the Badminton court he asked me if I heard the news about (Mick Jagger)? (Rolling Stones). I nodded my head no. 
The Dream sequence faded. 


Although I have had no direct contact with Jeff in many years I don't recall him being a physical fitness enthusiast. We do stay in touch via email from time to time. 

For some reason the DW chose to splice Jeff into this Dream Sequence in this manner. It was so real. I could feel the coolness of the air. My legs ached trying to run in this deep snow. I could hear the Trainer's voice. I could feel the Badminton racket in my hand. 

(No plan to play Badminton in my future:) But it is possible we could get a high profile newsworthy story about or connected to the sport of Badminton in the not too distant future.

That news might have to do with a Badminton racket. Possibly some company might have to recall their Badminton rackets. Not limited to that type of Badminton news. Or maybe someone uses a Badminton racket for some other purpose than Badminton

I could also be out and notice someone playing Badminton in their yard.
A local Badminton tourney might be reported on local sports news. 
Jeff might tell me he has taken up Badminton

Has to be some reason the DW spliced Badminton into the Dream Sequence. 

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