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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


5/31/17  6:18 PM CDT.

Fleetwood Mac/ Repetition Phenomenon


1) 5/23/17/ Tues. Watching Dancing with the Stars. 
In one of the soundbite segments DWTS Dancer Whitney was asked if she knew who (Fleetwood Mac) was...she didn't know.

 I decided to jot Fleetwood Mac on my notepad to see if this specific Music Group would start repeating. 

2) 5/24/17/ Wed. Watching local Channel News13 at 10pm.
A special segment runs around 10:20 PM. A local concert promoter (Randy Lovelady) was being interviewed about the mechanics of putting on a concert. He used one Music Group as an example. (Fleetwood Mac). (10:22 PM CDT.)

3) 5/25/17/ Thurs. 12:14 AM CDT. I'm in my bathroom and flip on the radio. In progress is a (Fleetwood Mac) Song (Dreams). What are the odds? Radio is tuned to a local station (95.1) which plays old hits etc. 

4) 5/25/17/ Thurs. 11:33 AM CDT. TV is on and I channel surf  to local Channel 13 and notice the segment about the local concert promoter is in progress. I hear him mention (Fleetwood Mac) again. 

There have been others. Read the last (3) Repetitions below.

5/30/17/ Tues.12:15 AM. I go into my bathroom and flip the radio on. In progress is (Don't Stop) by (Fleetwood Mac). (95.1/radio)

5/31/17/ Wed. 11:10 AM. Flip on the radio in my Bathroom. The Fleetwood Mac song (Rhiannon) is in progress. (95.1/radio)

5/31/17 Wed. (12:02 PM) I get in my car and flip on the radio. Stand Back by (Stevie Nicks) from (Fleetwood Mac) is in progress. I have a local station (Bob FM) on. 

Do you think all of this is a coincidence?

It appears something wants my attention on the iconic Music Group Fleetwood Mac. 

Always feels like a sense of urgency when this Repetition Phenomenon experience occurs. 

It is possible that a high profile newsworthy report about or connected to Fleetwood Mac or one of it's original members could manifest within the next few weeks, months or within 2017. (Maybe later in 2018)

If one of the original members suddenly passed on then that would become huge global news.

Something major could happen at a Fleetwood Mac concert. That would also become huge global news. 

 Not limited to those suggestions. 

I have an outstanding Stevie Nicks Dream which posted (5/8/17). Something might be close. 

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