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Thursday, May 4, 2017



Community rallies to protect Eureka as flooding nears historic levels

Original (Eureka) Repetition Phenomenon Timeline Below:


Repetition Phenomenon/ Eureka


1) 12/03/16/ Sat.

Watching the hit Amazon Original Series (Goliath) starring Billy Bob Thornton.

In court room scene: I noticed behind the Judge on a Wall the word (Eureka). For some reason this caught my attention so I jotted it down at 1:17 AM CDT. to see if would start repeating.

2) Then I decide to look up the filmography on an actress from this series named (Ever Carradine). I wanted to find out what I have seen her in before. 

As I scan: I discover she was on the Syfy Series (Eureka)...(1:20 AM CDT.)

3) 12/03/16/ Sat

Watching for the first time the (2014) movie Interstellar. At (4:46 PM CDT.) I hear actress Jessica Chastain's Character yell out (Eureka!)

So this makes (3) times that the Subconscious (or something) put me into position to hear or see (Eureka). 

Based on many past experiences (just like this one)...when anything repeats around me (3) or more times within a short time frame I pay attention. 

What could this mean:

There are (52) locations around the Globe that are named (Eureka)....(29) of those are located in the USA.

Note: When I noticed the first Eureka repetition....I thought of Eureka California. I also thought of Earthquake. 

Eureka California has been the epicenter of Earthquake activity in the past or has been rocked by an offshore Earthquake. 

It is possible these current frequency of Eureka repetitions are a heads up that Eureka California is about to get rocked by another high profile or newsworthy Earthquake within the remaining 2016 or later within 2017. Hopefully not a major damaging with fatalities type Shaker.

If a Big Quake hits offshore...there is always the possibility of Tsunami activity. 

In my many years of research I've Noticed: Many high profile Flood Events and Major Earthquake Events have manifested during this combination of Merc. Retro and the Full Moon.
Not limited to Eureka Calif.

Hurricane Sandy and the 2004 Indonesian Major Earthquake and Tsunami occurred during Merc. Retro/Full Moon Phases. And there has been many others. 

Remember there are (51) other areas on our Globe that are named (Eureka). It is possible any of those could become the center of a newsworthy event in the near future. If so...then you read it hear first. 

Eureka could hold other meaning beyond any of the locations that carry that name. Which would mean major news sources could report on something else connected to the word Eureka such as a Business...or something else that carries that name. 

It will be interesting to see what may develop from this Eureka Repetition Phenomenon. 

Or maybe it is just coincidence. 

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