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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Thursday, May 4, 2017


5/04/17/ This is an interesting result. Happened in our local area. The Football Jersey Dream Fragment was satisfied after Tom Brady's Superbowl Jersey went missing. Now we get this Dry Cleaner news. Will the Mike M. person from the Dream have something manifest next? 

Dry Cleaning Business Closes, Customers Search for Belongings
One local business closed its doors without notice leaving its customers hung out to dry

Original Dry Cleaners Dream Below:

In the Dream: Daytime Setting

Took place at an outdoor strip shopping center. Outside of a Dry Cleaning and laundry location.

My DC was walking toward this Dry Cleaners etc. When Mike M. walks out of it carrying a finished Football Jersey on a hanger covered with see thru plastic. He is wearing a ball cap and sunglasses and covered with a dark blue jean waist length coat. He towers over me. 

We stop and greet each other. He holds up the Jersey and states (I want to give this to you). Then he holds it up in front of me to take. I was puzzled. 

He said (I'm not going to need it anymore). I felt a sense of sadness for him. The Dream faded. 

I don't expect Mike to give me his NFL Jersey anytime in the future. His Family would keep possession of that item. 

As a Symbol:

The Dreamweaver might be suggesting that Mike is going to Pass on in the near future. Possibly within 2017. (Maybe slightly later). 

In addition:

A high profile news story about or connected to an NFL Jersey could manifest within 2017. Maybe some mix up at a Dry Cleaners. Someone gets the Jersey by mistake and returns it to the rightful former or active NFL player. Maybe a New Orleans Saint. 

Not limited to that scenario. Has to be some reason the DW spliced the Football Jersey into this very real Dream Sequence. 

Dry cleaning/ Laundry location might become the center of a significant News story within 2017.

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