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Saturday, May 27, 2017


5/2717/ When was the last time a Comicon made Headline news in this manner? Or is it a coincidence the way it may have been Foreshadowed a year ago? I didn't put what could potentially happen at a Comicon. Always interesting. 

Heavily-armed man, 29, arrested at Phoenix Comicon told police he was 'The Punisher' and wanted to kill 'bad' cops and the green Power Ranger

  • Mathew Sterling, 29, posted threats on Facebook saying he would kill police at the Phoenix Comicon Thursday
  • Was arrested at the event after a struggle and told officers he was the 'Punisher'
  • Brought four loaded guns, pepper spray, a knife and throwing stars into the convention as the crime-fighting comic book character
  • Police say Sterling appears to have mental issues 
  • He appeared in court Friday and is being held on $1million cash bond

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    5/12/16   1:29 PM CDT.


    Strange Occurrence Today: Not a rare event in my Life:)

    5/12/16/ Thursday

    I was busy checking out today's Fla. Lotto results online and checking them against my Dream Posts etc. 

    When I hear a faint plop across the room at 12:45 PM CDT. 
    I glanced to the sound. I could not see anything. 

    I have an easel set up with lotto boards so I can see the lotto card info quickly. This easel blocks what fell off a table (that holds many past notes and story ideas) and is also used to prop up large boards with Lotto info on it. 

    I did not immediately inspect this side of my Bedroom.

    When I finished filling in my Lotto clipboards etc. I decided to go across the room to inspect.

    At 1 PM CDT. I find three small sticky note sheets stuck to a small piece of cardboard. On each of those sticky sheets are the words (COMIC CON). How I thought it was spelled when I made the note. It's actually Comicon.

    All (3) sheets were pressed onto a small piece of cardboard. 

    So why did these specific notes fall to the floor today? 

    No other notes from this large pile on that table fell. 

    Possibilities based on past experience when this type thing has happened before:

    2) Could this be a heads up to some major high profile incident that might manifest at Comicon 2016/ San Diego???

    If not the San Diego Comicon 2016...Possibly a near future Comicon in another major Hub. 

    There are a number of noteworthy ones in the USA. 

    Those are couple of suggestions. Comicon might have other meaning....or may have no meaning at all. 

    I have had many of these type of (notes showing up out of nowhere) phenomenon happen in my life. 99.9 % of the time they make sense.

    I take a chance on sharing them. 

    If you really believe there are no accidents etc. in life, then you will understand this post

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Maybe nothing...just another coincidence :):) 

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