5/10/17  11:24 AM CDT.

The Sum of all Fears/ 2002 Ben Affleck/Morgan Freeman Film

Based on the Tom Clancy Novel

Note: Saw this film in 2002 and have watched it one other time before late last night.

I recorded it on 5/08/17. What made me decide to watch it when I did?

A few things I jotted down while viewing this film:

1) The date of 11/19/2002 was shown on a computer screen for a brief moment.

On 11/19/2002 the following hit on the Fla. Lottery

Pick 3/(was Cash 3 then) (504)
Special Note: These (3) digits hit on 5/03/16 as (504) on the Eveing game. Coincidence?

Pick 4 /(was Play 4 then) (5772)
Special Note: These (4) digits hit on 5/10/16 (exactly one year ago today) Coincidence?

So Freaky!!!

Very Possible some combo of (504) or (5772) could hit as Fla. Lotto Pick 3/ or Pick 4 Jackpot soon.

2) Spinnaker/ Was a code word for a double agent in this movie

Looking at our local Beach Club called the Spinnaker:

Address: (8795) Last hit on 3/28/17

Last (4) digits of the Spinnaker's Phone Number (7892)

Note: These (4) digits hit on 5/03/16 (Last May)

If you fact check you will notice these (4) digits hit on the Evening game (7) times in a row. 

Very possible some combo of these (4) digits could hit soon.

Or we could get high profile news about or connected to our local Beach Club (Spinnaker) in the next few weeks, months or within 2017. The owner (Sparky) has a Bday coming up on 5/20. Maybe something from his 5/20/16 Bday will produce an echo Fla. Lotto Pick 3/Pick 4 Jackpot combo soon.

3) 007 was mentioned in the dialog

These (3) digits hit on 5/23/16 as (007) Coincidence?. Very possible some combo of these (3) digits could hit this month again soon.

4) Could viewing this film be a heads up that some Terror Group is planning to sneak an atomic bomb or Dirty Bomb into the USA and detonate it in the near future?

Not impossible. But remember most people did not expect Pearl Harbor, (911) or the Oklahoma Bombings etc. to happen.

We can't afford to fall into a false sense of security because nothing major has happened in some time. 

A Trojan Horse could exist hiding a terrible fate. 

In this film the bomb was hidden in a cigarette machine and was detonated in packed Football stadium hoping to kill the President who was attending the game. 

Hopefully life won't imitate art. 

No guarantee any of those observations from this 2002 film will manifest. It's all part of the ongoing Dreamcognition Experiment.

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