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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Sunday, May 7, 2017


5/07/17  6:06 PM CDT.

Coincidences or Foreshadowing

Hugh Hefner

On 5/03/17 I started watching a new 10 part Docu Series on Hugh Hefner called (American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story (Season One). 

I have seen other documentaries on Hugh Hefner, but this one is exceptional and goes deep into the origin of the Playboy Empire. He was against all odds and started out on a shoestring budget working out of his Home.  This is a first class Docu Series that is very soft on the Playboy Nudity aspect and more on the behind the Scenes. 

The reason I bring this up today.

Earlier today (Sun/5/07/17) I decided to go get some lunch at (2:04 PM CDT.) I had not decided where.

I started driving and went by the McDonald's closer to my Home. It was packed. So I decided to go the one by the mall which is not that far away. 

Where I parked put me into position to see a license plate that had (3) Big Letters (HEF) on it (2:22 PM CDT). This SUV was parked behind me across the Parking lot. It was in my path POV as I walked into Mac's. It was like I was guided to see it. 

Of course the first person I thought about was Hugh Hefner whose nickname is (HEF). 

 Is this a Coincidence or is this Foreshadowing that we could get a High profile Newsworthy story about or connected to Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner within the next few weeks, months or within 2017 and maybe slightly later. 

 This is part of the Dreamcognition Experiment to see if these subtle clues most would ignore lead to near Future News Events. No guarantee anything will occur. 

307 Repetition 

Earlier today (Sun/5/07/17) I tuned into MTV that was showing 80's, 90's and Movie Theme Song music videos prior to the MTV movie Awards tonight. I do watch MTV every once in awhile when they play 80's music Videos. 

I left MTV on while I was online reading today's news. At 1:24 PM CDT. I looked up from the laptop to see a door that had the (3) digits (307) on it from a Cranberries Music Video called (Linger). This was shown right at the end of the Video. I jotted (307) down on my notepad with the time of (1:24 PM CDT.)

Later on in the day:

I mentioned that I decided to go to lunch etc. I went to the first McDonald's close to my Home. Too busy. Left and went to another Mac's where I had the license plate (HEF) encounter etc.

I didn't mention that this Mac's was also too busy and I left. 

Decided to go to another Mac's which was not far away. This one was not busy at all. Arrived at 2:28 PM CDT.

I go inside and notice one person at the register ordering. I wait a distance behind them. I don't like crowding people. 

Because of this I'm put into position to see a discarded receipt left on the counter to the left of the person ordering.

The receipt has (# 307) in big black numbers at the top. Exactly (307/not some combo of these digits)

 This receipt is not flat on the counter. Someone left it set on it's side propped up. It was easy to see from my POV at (2:31 PM CDT.)

What are the odds? Do you think the Subconscious knew I would bypass those other Golden Arches'? 

 I need to wear a body cam to show everyone how wild this type of thing is that happens with consistency everyday of my life. Not a once in a blue moon type of thing. I believe it happens to all of us 24/7. 

So the first (307) sighting happened at (1:24 PM CDT.) via the Cranberries Music Video. The second one happened at (One Hour and 7 mins. later. Coincidence? Or will some combo of (307) manifest as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot soon or within 30 days. 

So was this the outcome? The first 307 gave me a heads up I would encounter the second (307) that fast? (maybe)

Or maybe I need to watch what hit on 3/07/16 or 3/07/15 on the Fla. Lotto Pick 3/ Pick 4 games. Something from those dates might echo back in soon. 

Not limited to those suggestions. (307) could hold other meaning. 

I use to number the Precogs (as I coined them then) when the Blog was first started.

Number (307) had three posts. Plum Island/ Vacuum Cleaner/ and Pogo Stick. It will be interesting to see if one or more of these makes headline news in the near future. You can fact check this if necessary in the Blog Archives. 

357 Repetition

I left this Mac's at 2:50 PM CDT. I exited right onto Airport Road. I pulled up to the 23rd street and Airport intersection light which was Red. I was in the straight lane. Suddenly a car pulls up to my left in turn lane. It pulls up far enough so I can see it's rear plate. (357) are on the plate. (2:52 PM CDT.)

If you read this morning's Billy Jack Dream Post then you would have noticed the (357) Hand Gun Dream Fragment. 

Another Coincidence? Sure have many of those. 

It's possible this license plate with (357) was the outcome of the Dream and nothing more will manifest. 

I think you can see I make no effort to notice these things. It is like I am guided to see them and something knows I will acknowledge. (maybe:)

It may lead to nothing concrete, but it sure keeps life interesting and worth sticking around for awhile to see what is going to happen next awake or asleep. 

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