Logan Airport rape: Massage therapist accused of crime at Boston studio

Original Logan International Airport Dreams Below:

Excerpt from 4/22/17 Long Version of the Dream:

4/22/17  11:48 AM CDT.

 Ben Affleck is from the Boston Area. We could be talking about Logan International Airport

7/15/16  11:44 AM CDT.

Heidi Klum    Born 6/01

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Can't recall posting a Dream about Heidi Klum in the past.

More than likely the DW conjured her up for Fla. Lotto purposes.

Also possible that she could become the center of a High Profile News story about or connected to her in the not too distant future. 

Examples: Death, marriage, pregnancy, illness, accident, public incident, extended family, etc. and not limited to those suggestions. 

Could she announce that this is her last stint as a judge on America's Got Talent? Also possible.

In the Dream: Daytime setting

My Dream Character walked up to Heidi in a public setting. Felt like an outdoor Coffee/Beverage shop.

Heidi was in a sleeveless, neck plunging white blouse with gold trim around the V area. She wore a thin gold necklace that had some small charm attached. She had Sunglasses on.

She also had a bracelet on her (I think) left wrist. It reminded me of Copper. What people with arthritis wear.

Rings on various fingers. 

She was sitting with another unknown female.

I politely interrupted their conversation. 

I told Heidi that she didn't know me. She didn't speak. She glanced at her Friend. 

I asked Heidi if she had plans to fly out of Boston's Logan Airport any time soon?

She looked stunned. She glances at her Friend. 

I could tell Heidi and her Friend were shocked. The Scene faded.

Always interesting how the Dreamweaver splices things together.

I suppose it is possible at some point in the future that Heidi Klum will Fly out of Boston's Logan International Airport.

Until that time: The Dreamweaver had some reason to conjure up the well known Boston Logan International Airport.

Specifically Boston's Logan International Airport.

Very Possible that a significant (not run of the mill) News event will manifest in or around Boston's Logan International Airport in the near future. 

Maybe within the next (3) months or within 2016. Or early 2017.

Was not shown an event...yet. 


1) A Plane Crash. Commercial more than likely. Not run of the mill.

2) A nose gear or landing gear problem on a plane. Causing a possible Belly landing...or skid of a runway.

3) A Wheel Well Stowaway is discovered. (Dead or alive)

4) A bomb Threat forces an evacuation.

5) An attack

6) A major computer glitch causing delays etc.

7) An Air Traffic Control issue. 

Not limited to these suggestions. 

It would have to be something high profile to attract the attention of major news sources.  

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