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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Thursday, May 4, 2017


5/03/17/ When was the last time a high profile news story manifested from Topeka Kansas? This went Viral. 

Family praises officer for saving 4-year-old with autism from pond in Topeka Kansas

TOPEKA, Kan. -- The mother of a 4-year-old boy with autism says she believes a police officer who rescued her son from a Topeka, Kansas, pond was sent by God.
Officer Aaron Bulmer rescued Elijah Hamby from a Central Park pond Sunday. Bulmer was on another call when he saw Elijah walking alone in the park and then lost sight of him. He got out of his car and saw Elijah in the pond, gasping for air.

10/14/16  12:07 PM CDT.

Topeka Dream

Special Note: I watched Episode two of the unique and  very well done (USA Network) new series (Falling Water)..all about Dreams. I highly suggest watching it from episode you don't get lost in what is going on. 

Topeka is very important to the plot in some manner. when you decide to watch this breakthrough series on Dreams you will understand. 

This may be why the Dreamweaver conjured it up.(because I watched Episode two prior to dozing off last night)

Topeka is the Capital of the State of (Kansas)

The Area Code is (785)....Note: very possible that some combo of these (3) digits could hit as a near future Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot. Maybe withing the next 30 days if not sooner.

This could be why the DW wants my attention of Topeka right now. 

Topeka Kansas could also become the epicenter of some high profile news event in the not too distant future. Possibly within the remaining 2016...or later in 2017.

It would have to be something major that happens within the City or affects the entire City or a good part of the population in some manner. 

Examples: Weather event, Power outage, mass shooting (lone wolf or terror related), Government scandal, Police being killed, or another allged Police shooting scandal etc. and not limited to those suggestions. 

Note: it is so interesting that (Topeka) was shown.

In the Dream: A business office setting

A well dressed and groomed middle aged Female with long dark hair walked up to my Dream Character's Desk. She extended a hand with a batch of Checks.

I don't recall her saying anything. She exited.

I inspect the Checks. All them were made out to (Topeka) holding Company. large sums of money on each check.
Dream Faded.

When I woke up to write this Dream down...the first thing I thought of was the USA Falling Water TV series. Eerie!!

Keep in mind: Topeka could hold other meaning...and have nothing to do with Topeka Kansas.

Which means we could get high profile news about or connected to something else that carries the name (Topeka). A business, a school (college, High, middle, elementary etc.) could also be the first or last name of an individual. I think you get the idea. 

It will be very interesting to find out what this means.

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