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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


4/25/17/  Unicorn makes the news via Starbucks and now This. 

Farmers find 'unicorn' among their sheep in Iceland

Original Unicorn Dream Below:

11/23/16 10:54 AM CDT.

I mentioned this to DR. K. he turned to see what I was talking about. (Note: He has a history with Horses)

I started moving toward the Horses.

That is when I noticed the pony or smaller horse had a spike horn in the middle of it's head. I thought is this a real (Unicorn)? I told Dr. K to check this out. 

Then it walked right up to me. It clearly looked like a Unicorn. (although it might have been special effects). I petted it on it's head. I looked like it was smiling. Nodding it's head. 

White Unicorn (smaller Horse or Pony) and larger White Horse Dream Fragment:

I have made a number of (Unicorn) Posts that have manifested into high profile (Unicorn) new stories.
Some of those were about people who used special effects to make a horse look like a Unicorn. Other news showed photos from foreign lands claiming real Unicorns existed in these areas.

Very possible we will get some type of (Unicorn) Headline news within the remaining 2016 or later in 2017. As real as the Dream was this type of news could manifest soon. 

Will the World get to witness a real life Unicorn? Or will it be another special effects Unicorn incident? Not limited to either of those scenarios. It might even have to do with a Toy Unicorn

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