4/30/17/ Interesting way Spina Bifida became High Profile News 4 1/2 Months after the Repetition Phenomenon Spina Bifida Post. How often does Spina Bifida become Headline News in this manner. 

Incredible strength of Spina Bifida sufferer who turned to bodybuilding after amputating both of his legs because they 'were dead weights'

  • Jose Crisol had to have his legs amputated due to his spinda bifidia condition
  • But he has not let it hold him back, and inspiring footage shows him in the gym
  • He puts himself through a serious workout with pull ups, rope climbs and dips   

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4460368/Inspiring-double-amputee-bodybuilder-uses-gym.html#ixzz4fnHRBPVH 

Original Spina Bifida Repetition Phenomenon Post Below:

12/19/16  9:32 AM CDT.

Spina Bifida/ Repetition Phenomenon

Timeline/ Spina Bifida/ working Backwards from the last repetition:

1) 12/16/16/ Friday

Watching (NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt)
A segment on Money being given to people to help with their Medical Care. One of the diseases mentioned...Spina Bifidaat (5:58 PM CDT.)

2) 12/14/16/ Wed.

Using Amazon Prime (30 day free trial). I search and find a Robin Williams Christmas movie from (2014) called (Merry Friggin Christmas). First time viewing this film.
Spina Bifida is mentioned by Robin Williams character.

3) 12/1/16/ Thur.

Using Amazon Prime (30 day free trial/ first day). Find a Mark Wahlberg (2014) movie called (The Gambler)....a loose remake of the (1974) James Caan film. Spina Bifida is mentioned by Mark's Character. (12:59 AM CDT.)

Special note: It was this repetition that triggered when I heard the first Spina Bifida Clue.

4) 11/27/16/ Sun.

Watching a movie called (I Saw the Light). A biopic about legendary Country Singer Hank Williams. British Actor Tom Hiddleston did a great job portraying Hank Williams.

This movie revealed that Hank Williams suffered with (Spina Bifida). 

I can only speculate on why the Subconscious wants my attention on Spina Bifida.

We could get a significant newsworthy story about or connected to Spina Bifida within the remaining 2016 or later in 2017. 
A breakthrough treatment might be discovered and announced that could help those that suffer with SpinaBifida. That would be big Headline News. 

It is possible someone I know will be diagnosed with Spina Bifida and I will hear about down the road. 

It could be they have had back issues for years and it went undiagnosed. 

Not limited to those suggestions. 

There has to be some reason why the Inner Guide wants my attention on Spina Bifida.

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