4/08/17/ Believe it or not Roller Coaster Bird Strike incidents are rare. Make sure to read the entire post and notice the reference to the famous Fabio Roller Coaster Bird Strike past news.  This happened on Europe's Fastest Roller Coaster. Watch the video. 

Thrill-seeker left with blood on his face when a PIGEON smacks into him as he tries out the fastest rollercoaster in Europe

  • The adrenaline junkie is trying a new rollercoaster in Ferrari Land near Barcelona
  • But his rush soon turns sour as he's whacked in the chest by a pigeon
  • The man looks absolutely horrified and is left bleeding on the cheek 

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Original Roller Coaster Repetition Phenomenon Post Below:

12/16/16    8:02 PM CDT. 

Roller coaster/ Repetition Phenomenon

Special Note: I have heard Roller coaster dozens of times over the last week. Very high frequency. Too many to list. 

Abbreviated Timeline: Read the last few working backwards from the most recent Roller Coaster Repetition

12/16/16/ Friday
Watching a new episode of the hit ABC sitcom (Dr. Ken)
Title: A Park Family Christmas. At 7:37 PM Roller Coaster is used as simile to describe a scenario. 

12/16/16 cont. 
Watching the local Channel 7 News at 6 PM 
I hear the Female News Anchor make a remark to the Male Meteorologist in reference to the Weather. (Looks like another Roller Coaster Weekend) etc. (6:29 PM CDT.)

12/16/16 cont.
Watching a new episode of Dr. Oz. Tim Tebow is his guest talking about his life and New Book. At 3:16 PM CDT. He mentions life is like a Roller Coaster. 

Those are the last few Roller Coaster Repetitions that hit today so far. There have been a number of others over the last week. 

What could this mean:

This is not the first time I have posted a Roller Coaster Repetition Phenomenon. You can search and read the results of past posts.

It appears the Subconscious (or whatever) wants my attention on Roller Coaster. 

We could get a high profile Roller Coaster news story within the remaining 2016 or later in 2017. Maybe more than one...but at least one major Roller Coaster headline news story. 

When something repeats with high frequency like this the result or outcome usually happens within a short time frame.

I feel a sense of urgency when this quick repetition happens.

Which means some Amusement Park could be in store for a major Roller Coaster Accident soon. Maybe fatal in some manner. 

One or two individuals could make the mistake of standing up in the car of a Roller Coaster and get hurt or killed.

Or some freak accident on a Roller Coaster could occur. Like a Bird hitting someone or a Tree limb falling on a section of Track. (BTW. Both of those scenarios have occurred in reality)

Many of you may remember the famous male model (Fabio) got hit in the face by a flying bird while riding a Roller Coaster some years back. (you can fact check this)

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