Alan Colmes Fox News Strategy Room interviews Patrick Scott March 4th, 2010 - Part One

Alan Colmes Fox News Strategy Room interviews Patrick Scott March 4th, 2010 - Part Two

Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Friday, April 7, 2017


4/07/17   9:50 PM CDT.

President Donald Trump/ Arnold Schwarzenegger Dream Continued

Posted their potential Bday/Lotto info without Dream Detail this morning. You can refer back to that Post.

Dream/ Life like/POV/Very real and close up

President Donald Trump was driving his own Presidential Limo. He seem to be enjoying himself. 

My Dream Character was in the front passenger side.

There were two other Male Secret Service types with sunglasses on seated in the back.

Note: As we talked President Trump kept tapping my left shoulder when he would speak to me. It was funny. 

President Trump and my DC chatted about astrological signs.
He said he knew he was a Gemini because of his June 14th Bday.

He wanted to know about his sign and this Mercury Retrograde.

I told him that Gemini is ruled by Mercury. So when Mercury is Retrograde it could affect him in a number of ways such as communication. 

He smiled and said... you mean I should back off Twitter ? I didn't say anything.

President Trump switches gears and wanted to know what Arnold Schwarzenegger's sign was. 

I told him Arnold is a Leo because his bday is 7/30. 

We were coming to a stop sign. There was some major construction going on across the street. It looked like low rent housing apartments. 

President Trump asked where were we. I told him the street in front of us is 11th Street. (This is a local street in my area)

He asked which way to Gulf Coast College. I said to take a right. (Gulf Coast State College) is also in my area. 

Before he turned I reached out and grabbed and squeezed his rt. fore arm to make sure he paid attention to what I was going to say.

He looks at me. I told him he needed to be very careful next week.

I got up to write this Dream in my Journal.

Summary of the Dream Fragments

Already posted President Trump's and Arnold's bday/Lotto info this morning and other news potential etc.

Why was President Trump driving his own Presidential Limo?

Symbolism might mean He is in the Driver's seat now. 

It is possible he could be caught on video having fun driving the Presidential Limo. Or could some situation occur and he has to take over driving?

The Dreamweaver used President Trump to bring up Arnold to get my attention on him.

It is always possible another War of Tweets between Arnold and President Trump occurs in the near future. Or maybe they make up in some manner. 

It will be interesting to see what might happen to President Trump next week. Maybe he has a close call of some nature. Maybe a Car Accident? Maybe an Air Force one mishap? Not limited to those suggestions.

We are in the midst of a new full blown Mercury Retrograde phase. President Trump is a Gemini ruled by Mercury. Any Freak or rare thing is possible. 

Local locations Fragments

11th Street and this construction project. It reminded me of the low rent type buildings as high as three stories going up. 

It is possible some project is going to be announced on local news. Maybe it causes some controversy. Not limited to this.
Has to be some reason it was shown. 

Gulf Coast State College was also mentioned. President Trump wanted to go to this location. 

There has to be some reason our local College was conjured up. 

Notice the digits that make up the Address and phone number. Any combination of (5230/1551/769 or 850) could hit as Florida Lotto Pick 3/ Pick 4 Jackpot combos in the next 30 days. 

Note: the digits (5230) are the same digits of my Late Parents home when we first moved in that house. I recently posted a Dream about my late Mother and my Dream Character in that house. Could this be why the DW conjured up the College?

Address5230 West US Hwy 98, Panama City, FL 32401