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Thursday, April 6, 2017



Mercury Retrograde

We have been in Pre Merc. Retro for the last two weeks. 

Merc. Retro Goes Full Blown on April 9th thru May 3rd

I'm not a big advocate of Astrology, but I do follow the Retrograde Planets. 

Mercury Retrograde is the one I have followed for many years.

It appears some of the World's worst Catastrophes have occurred during a Mercury Retrograde Phase. Many of those manifested during the Merc Retro and Full Moon Phases. 

Try this Experiment over the next month:

Keep Track of how many of your personal electronic and mechanical devices or appliances have Snafus during this Mercury Retrograde Phase. Car (tires/AC/engine/windows/radio plus), computer, phone, camera, washing machine and dryer, vacuum cleaner, breaker box, and more.

Also keep track of how many audio and video snafus occur on local and national news shows. Anything that is broadcast live. Not limited to News.

Events in our area that could be affected by Mercury Retrograde 

We have Three major live outdoor events in our area which could be affected by this Mercury Retrograde Phase.

1) Tyndall Air Force Base is hosting the (Gulf Coast Salute) Air Show on April 22nd and 23rd. All sorts of Aircraft and vehicles will display during this Air Show. Including the World Famous Thunderbirds.  

2) Panama City Beach is the location for the April 28th and April 29th Spring Jam Concert. Note: The Group that promotes this show had their last Fall Jam Concert cancelled during a Merc. Retrograde Phase. Due to a Hurricane that never did affect the area. 

3) Tallahassee Florida is the location for the April 29th Doak After Dark Concert Starring Black Shelton and others.

It will be interesting if these major live outdoor events are affected by Mercury Retrograde. Which means delays, Accidents, possible cancellations or electronic and mechanical issues. 

Trademarks of Mercury Retrograde:

Freak Accidents, Storms of all nature, delays of all nature, deaths (especially Celebrity Deaths), miscommunication, vehicle accidents of all nature, Divorce and or break ups, appear to intensity and or multiply during a Mercury Retrograde phase.

It has been said that signing contracts during a Mercury Retrograde Phase is not a good idea unless you like re doing things. 

Business and Romantic relationships formed during a Mercury Retrograde more than likely will not last. 

Mercury Retrograde is a Boomerang time. Which means things from your past could return for some unfinished business or for a second chance. Job, love, legal matter, cause of illness (cured) etc. 

A simple rule of Mercury Retro is remember anything that starts with an RE. Research, Reinvest, Return, and more. 

We could get one or two cataclysmic type of events that might be considered some of the worst or maybe historical in some manner during the next 5 weeks. 

Example: Earthquakes, Tsunami or Tidal Wave, Avalanche, Tornado or Tornadoes, Volcanic Eruption, Mountain Slide/Land, rock or mudslide, Meteor impact event, major Aircraft crash, explosions, etc. and more. 

These type of things can happen anytime beyond Mercury Retro., but they appear to be much more intense during this phase if they do manifest. History would agree. 

You can find additional information on Mercury Retrograde at Susan Miller has upgraded her site on Merc. Retrograde. Always interesting to get another POV on this Subject. 

Remember Mercury Rules: Gemini and Virgo/ These two signs should use extra caution over the next 5 weeks. 

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