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Saturday, April 1, 2017


4/01/17/ Landslide Dream was posted only (5) days ago. Could this tragic High Profile Landslide be what the Subconscious was suggesting? It appears so. I'm sure this village had Thatched Roofs. It was also in an area surrounded by Hills. Read the original 3/28/17 Dream Carefully below the news headline. This is an early report. There could be many more fatalities reported. 

More than 100 dead in flooding as landslide rips through city

An avalanche of water from three overflowing rivers swept through a small city in Colombia while people slept, destroying homes and killing at least 127 unsuspecting residents, authorities said Saturday.
The incident triggered by intense rains happened around midnight in Mocoa, a city of about 40,000 tucked between mountains near Colombia’s southern border with Ecuador. 
Muddy water and debris quickly surged through the city’s streets, toppling homes, ripping trees from their roots, lifting cars and trucks and carrying them downstream. Many of the residents did not have enough time to climb on top of their roofs or seek refuge on higher ground.

Original Landslide Dream Below:

Dream continued (Part 2)

Wes and I continued walking around checking out the various booths and vendors etc. and then we wound up back at Kelly Ripa's table. She had returned. We greet each other. 

For some reason Kelly asked me if I knew a Richard who use to be a Police Officer. I said I knew a Richard F. who was at one time. She said that's him. She didn't elaborate.

Then Kelly states (isn't this area beautiful.) She asks if we noticed all the beautiful homes all around the hills.

That is when I really took note of all these homes. There were dozens situated on this good sized hill or mountain.

It was interesting to note how many had been built on this steep of an incline.

There was one section of a more modern yet rustic type homes and then to the left of my POV there were these vintage cottages. With thatched roofs. 

Possibly they were for tourists visiting the area and some people might have lived in some of those full time. 

The entire setting was very serene. 

From My POV:

That suddenly changed. I could feel the ground moving under my feet. I looked at Wes. He noticed it as well. 

I saw Kelly Ripa trying to balance herself. This time there were two young blond children with her that she was reaching to protect. 

Everything was moving. People screaming and trying to stabilize their balance. 

A number of the vintage cottages collapsed so quickly. The debris started rolling down this hill and hitting people.

I saw an orange late model camaro rolling down the hill being smashed with every flip. 

The nicer homes above us were also being damaged. 

Then came rocks and all sorts of debris. 

I woke up with my heart racing. 

It was so real and terrifying. 


From Part One posted this morning (3/28/17)

My DC was hoping to convince Kelly Ripa to book me as a guest on her show to talk about my Dream Precognition and how many of them lead to Fla. Lotto Jackpots. 

It is always possible this is a skewed glimpse into the future. I have had other Dreams suggesting I would be a guest on her show. Has not happened yet:) But who knows. 

This is the way the Subconscious spliced Kelly Ripa into this long and vivid Dream. I posted in part one why she may have been shown (look back and read part one)

I don't think she will be involved in a massive landslide or avalanche anywhere in the near future. Let's hope not. 
Unless her family is on a trip at a similar location and this happens. Not impossible.

I have no plans to visit any area like the one in the Dream anytime soon. 

Landslide/Avalanche Dream Fragment

The location in the Dream was serene and Beautiful before the landslide scenario.

I have no idea where we were. I'm sure the Thatched roof cottages were shown to signify a location. 

In my Dream experience the DW will splice many things into a Sequence that will have separate meaning from each other thing or person in reality. 

I could only think that some hill or mountain area that has thatched roof cottages (maybe a tourist area) could fall victim to a mass landslide/rockslide/avalanche in the not too distant future. Possibly within the next few weeks, months or within 2017. 

For some reason the DW spliced an orange late model Camaro into this scene being destroyed. 

Maybe to let me know the damage will extend to many things including automobiles. 

The color may have significance to the location of where this could happen. Orange somewhere. (maybe)

Based on many years of Dream Experience:

The Subconscious rarely shows me anything for general or mild reasons. 

The Dream is suggesting that:
Some hillside or mountain village, town and residential area is more than likely going to get rocked badly by a massive landslide/rockslide/avalanche (without warning) in the not too distant future. Some part of this might be caught on video by eyewitnesses. That video would more than likely be picked up by major news sources and go viral.

There could be serious damage and possible multiple fatalities. 

Special Note: I am calling this a potential landslide/rockslide/avalanche scenario. It is possible I am mis interpreting what causes this damage. Maybe a Lahar or Mudslide is the culprit. 

If it is a Lahar that would mean there must be volcanic activity that caused it. 

This Dream has been on my mind all day. Something else might rise to my mind later. If so I will update. 

Hopefully nothing like this Dream will manifest at all anywhere. 

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