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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


4/12/17  12:18 AM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Hitler Repeating


1) 4/10/17 (Mon.)  Watching Jeopardy Hitler was an Answer/Question etc.

2) 4/11/17 (Tues.) Watching an 11/11/15 Episode of (The Middle) in syndication. Title: Homecoming 2 (The Tailgate).
Hitler comes up in the dialog at 12:11 AM CDT.

3) 4/11/17 (Tues.) Watching the White House Press Conference when Sean Spicer mistakenly brings up Hitler at 12:58 PM CDT.  

Needless to say this created a Firestorm of controversy on Social Media.

I thought this might have been why Hitler had repeated. But the repetitions have continued. 

4) 4/11/17 (Tues. Eve.) Watching the ABC hit show (American Housewife). A new episode entitled (The Polo Match).
A line of dialog in this episode states (A fat bald Hitler) 7:45 PM CDT. Coincidence?

5) 4/12/17 (Wed. AM) Channel surf and run across a 1984 Steve Martin/ Charles Grodin movie called (The Lonely Guy) in progress. I decide to watch it. Not sure how I missed this back in the 80's.

Within moments Hitler is mentioned at (12:16 AM CDT.) by actor Charles Grodin. Another Coincidence?

That is the present Timeline. It sure appears the Subconscious wants my attention on Hitler. It feels like a sense of urgency. 

At the same time I have heard or noticed the date of 4/20 repeating. Which is Hitler's Birthday. 

Hopefully someone or some group is not planning to create major chaos on Hitler's Bday. 

The horrific Columbine attacks occurred on 4/20/1999. 

It is possible someone could use the anniversary to enact a similar attack. A copycat scenario. 

Maybe the plot will be uncovered and major media will report in the details that 4/20 was the date the event was to take place. Columbine might also be mentioned.

Not limited to this scenario.

Hitler is all over the news due to the Sean Spicer snafu and will probably linger for another week. 

It is possible that something about or connected to Hitler (beyond the Sean Spicer scenario) could manifest in the next few weeks, months or within 2017 and maybe later. Not some run of mill Hitler news. 

It will be interesting to see if Hitler continues repeating around me. 

This could be a series of coincidences and nothing may happen in the near future. 

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