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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


4/25/17/ This Dream post was from 1/01/17 after George Michael Passed. Elton John was also in this Dream Sequence. I've included the Excerpts from the long version of that Dream.
The 1/01/17 Post appears to have foreshadowed this sudden severe Elton John illness. Has to cancel shows during a Mercury Retrograde Phase. Delays are a trademark of Merc. Retrograde.

In addition: Prior to this news I kept encountering Elton John Songs over the last 4 days on my Car and Home Radio. Each time I would get in my car to run an errand an Elton John Song would be in progress or would be the next song. The same when I flipped on my Bathroom Radio. Based on the Frequency of those encounters I felt some news had to be close.

 I was going to post the (Repetition Phenomenon) Timeline yesterday but didn't get around to it. I have all the dates and times recorded in my notepad. 

Elton John cancels shows after being hospitalized due to rare infection

Elton John has canceled all of his Vegas performances through next month due to an illness that forced him to be hospitalized, it was announced on Monday.

Special Note: Keep in mind this Dream was posted prior to George Michael's passing

Elton John Dream Below: 

Keep in mind Elton John and David Geffen were in this Dream Cycle. Will George Michael's Death trigger a potential Death Knell in the near future for Elton John or David Geffen? Let's hope not. 

Elton John, George Michael, David Geffen Dream

Strong dream from last night's slumber involved musician/singer Elton John. I was in a room with two other people. George Michael and Billionaire producer David Geffen were in a room where everything was white. 

I was chatting with George Michael and David Geffen when Elton John entered the room. 

I can't recall who introduced me to Elton. He was very engaging and friendly. He actually had come to get a reading from me. I recall he wasn't wearing his glasses. He looked different in the face as well, but I knew it was him.

He was apprehensive but excited about getting his cards read. He took a seat on a white ez type chair. I shuffled and spread the cards out on a white table cloth in front of Elton. I told him to pull a couple of cards and hand them to me. I noticed the cards were not playing cards or tarot cards. 

I flipped the cards up toward me. No one could see them. One card had the number 9 on it. The other card had the number 11 on it. I place them together to form 911!
Outwardly I didn't show him my concern. Dream ended. My inner self felt otherwise. What does this all mean?

Elton John on the other hand was a major star in this dream movie. He also pulled the 911 cards. The reading was for him. 911 is an emergency code in the US. 

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