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Monday, April 3, 2017


4/03/17/ Subway Dream posted on 1/28/17. Just over (2) months ago. How Tragic. There was another Subway News report that manifested a couple of weeks after this post. 

St. Petersburg subway blast: One attacker believed to have planted two bombs

One person was believed to be behind the deadly attack in the subway in St. Petersburg, Russia, planting two bombs, one of which exploded, state media reported Monday.

1/28/17  12 PM CDT.

Original Subway Dream Below:

In the Dream:

Jeff and my Dream Character (as we appeared in younger years) were sitting in a Subway Station waiting for the Subway. He dozed off while we waited.

There were a number of other (unknown) people waiting for the Subway

I recall looking around and observing the other people.

One middle aged executive type male with short brown hair and wearing a dark trench coat seem to recognize me. He called out something but it came out garbled. He repeated it a couple of times but I could not make it out. The Dream faded. 

Note: The Dreamweaver put the setting of this Dream in a Subway location. Not sure of the City. Might be New York City. Or some other City that has a subway system. Maybe USA or in some foreign Country. 

It is possible that this is a heads up to a near future high profile Subway incident. Not a run of the mill Subway incident. This could happen within 2017. Maybe sooner than later. Subway and maybe the location would be in news headlines. 

The Dreamweaver rarely shows anything that turns out general. 

I can't recall a significant Subway news story in some time. 

The last few had to do with people being pushed onto the tracks from someone who was mentally challenged. 

Maybe a male similar to the one who was trying to get my attention has a problem in a Subway...or is the culprit or victim. Not limited to this scenario.

Has to be someone reason the DW conjured up the Dream Sequence in this manner. 

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