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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


4/05/17/ When you read or re read the original 4/01/17 Pepsi Dream you will see how the Subconscious got my attention on Pepsi. It is also interesting that this major Headline Pepsi News manifests within only 3 days of the Dream. The News Broke on 4/04/17. Always possible we could get Pepsi theft news as well.

Pepsi pulls Kendall Jenner protest ad after uproar

Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad sparks social media outcry

Original Pepsi Dream Below:


Another repetition type Dream Cycle. 

The Setting: a quik type store my Dream Character owned

The Subconscious Dreamweaver conjured up Peter P. in a few fragments.

Each time it involved him stealing Pepsi cola products.

I would catch him red handed with the Pepsi each time and he would deny he was stealing them.

I had Billy as a witness each time. 

Peter would hide them in this small insulated carry bag. It had a strap to carry the bag over the shoulder. 

It was always Pepsi cans in the bag. Some new and some vintage late 60's and 70's design. 

I would check my stock and notice cans were missing. Then I would see Peter P. and stop him and inspect his carry bag and the missing cans would be there.

He would deny stealing them. It was like he had no memory of taking them. A blank spot. I felt something might have been wrong with him. 


This is the way the DW spliced Peter and Billy into the Dream. 

Note: In reality Peter and Billy know each other and have had past business dealings.

I don't think Peter will be caught stealing Pepsi products at anytime in the near future. 

Somebody else might be caught doing this. Maybe caught on a store's security video. 

But there has to be a reason the DW wants my attention onPepsi Cola.

They were being stolen or smuggled in this small insulated carry bag. I would think to keep them cold.

We could get a significant news story about or connected to Pepsi in the next few weeks, months or within 2017. I would think Pepsi or PepsiCo would be in the headlines. 

It's possible someone is stealing Pepsi from some location and they get caught or someone is using Pepsi cans to hide or smuggle something other than soda.

I wonder if you can carry Pepsi onto a Plane in an insulated Bag. Someone might plant a bomb inside of a can. (That's a long shot suggestion). You never know what these terror groups will come up with next to bring down a plane. 

Someone might be caught stealing the famous Pepsi Recipe.

Note: Pepsi is my Soft Drink of Choice and has been for many years.

In some manner this will make sense down the road. 

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