4/19/17  4:24 PM CDT.

Three Digit Number/ Repetition Phenomenon


1) Tues. Eve. 4/18/17

At 10:55 PM CDT. my Cell Phone Flashes the Time (7:43)

The phone was perched to my left and caught my eye when it flashed. I decided to jot this down on my note pad

2) Wed. (Early) AM 4/19/17

Was up watching the last few episodes of the very well conceived and well acted (13 Reasons Why) on Netflix.

In Episode 12 at 2:29 AM CDT. the three digit number (743) is mentioned as an amount of money that was missing.

3) Wed. (Early AM) 4/19/17

In Episode 13 of (13 Reasons Why) there is a scene that takes place in front of a Post Office. In the BG I notice the (3) digits (743) as part of the address. This is all that is shown. 3:38 PM CDT.

4) Wed. 4/19/17

I'm doing some research on Mickey Mantle because of the Dream I had of him. A story pops up about one of his longest Home Run hits. (734 Feet). Note: Not (743) this time, but the same digits. (11:48 AM CDT.)

That was the last repetition of these (3) digits. 

Sure seems that the Subconscious wants my attention on these (3) digits. 

Possibly for Fla. Lotto reasons only.

They could have other meaning. 

(743) is an area code for a section of North Carolina. Very possible something within this area code could become the center of a newsworthy event in the near future or within 2017.

(743) could make headlines news in some manner within 2017.
A number of a plane or vehicle. A number of people affected by something. 

Not limited to those suggestions. 

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