4/28/17/ Aurora Repetition Phenomenon posted a month before the High Profile Chris Soules tragic and deadly Car Accident News occurred in Aurora Iowa on 4/24/17. Would have posted this sooner but I just found out today the accident happened in Aurora Iowa. Not sure how I missed that.  This is a huge News Story because Chris was the Star of (The Bachelor). 

Chris Soules charged with felony in deadly hit-and-run

Aurora mayor remembers farmer killed in crash involving 'Bachelor' star Chris Soules

AURORA, Ia. — A Buchanan County farmer driving his tractor along a county road was fatally injured Monday, authorities said, when a pickup truck driven by reality television star Chris Soules struck him from behind. 

Original Aurora Repetition Phenomenon Below:

3/25/17  3:32 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Aurora

Aurora has repeated numerous times over the last couple of weeks. 

I have noted the times and dates of each Aurora repetition.

Note: You can look back at past Repetition Phenomenon posts and you will notice I usually share a timeline of those reps etc.

Whenever the inner guide starts putting me into position to see or hear these repetitions I get a sense of alarm or urgency. Like something is close to manifesting.  

To conserve time I am not going to list the timeline, but I will offer suggestions as to what this could mean.


1) You might recall the shocking mass shooting that took place in Aurora Colorado on 7/20/12. 

At that moment my Subconscious recorded Aurora equals mass theater shooting. I'm sure many others within the Hive Mind think of the same thing when they see or hear Aurora. 

So it is possible the subconscious is trying to give me a heads up that a near future potential movie theater shooting is close to manifesting.

If this does happen it might be compared in some manner to the Aurora Colorado horrendous mass shooting. 

Let's hope this is not the case. 

2) Aurora could be indicating a location that has nothing to do with Aurora Colorado. Although something else beyond a movie theater shooting could evolve from Aurora Colorado. 

There are a (75) locations in the USA and around the World named Aurora. 

(26) of those are in the USA. 

Always possible that one of those could become the center of a High Profile News Event in the near future. 

3) Outside of locations there are numerous things that are named Aurora. Businesses, people, etc. Always possible one of those could become High Profile news in the near future.

4) The Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) makes the news from time to time. Usually with amazing video footage.

If not the famous Northern Lights then an Aurora could show up in some other location. Possibly in a rare location which would attract numerous witnesses that would more than likely video the display. That would probably go viral and major news sources might cover that. 

5) Aurora also known as SR-91 Aurora is the popular name for a hypothesized American reconnaissance aircraft, believed by some to be capable of hypersonic flight at speeds of Mach 5+. According to the hypothesis, Aurora was developed in the 1980s or 1990s as a replacement for the aging and expensive SR-71 Blackbird.

It said the plane can accelerate up to Mach 6, or 4,567mph (7,349km/h) - three times faster than the Concorde.

This is a mystery aircraft. Not suppose to exist. Maybe News will develop in the near future that it is for real. Maybe someone steps forward and provides physical evidence. 

Not limited to any of the Aurora Suggestions above

It's possible this Aurora Repeating will lead to nothing. These Repetition Phenomenon experiences usually lead to something within reasonable time frames. 

In some manner the word or name Aurora could make news headlines within the next few weeks, months or within 2017 and maybe later.

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