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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Thursday, April 6, 2017


4/06/17/ Think about this: Dream of Don Rickles and Barry Manilow was posted on the same date of 9/30/17 (only 6 months ago). High Profile Headline Barry Manilow News broke yesterday and then one day later the Don Rickles Sad News manifests. Coincidence?

Legendary Comic Don Rickles Dies at 90

Legendary comic Don Rickles, a rapid-fire insulting machine who for six decades earned quite a living making fun of people of all creeds and colors and everyone from poor slobs to Frank Sinatra, has died. He was 90.
Rickles died Thursday at his home in Los Angeles of kidney failure, publicist Paul Schrifin announced.

Original Don Rickles and Barry Manilow Dream Post from 9/30/16 below:

9/30/16  11:00 AM CDT.

Don Rickles   Born 5/08

 For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (508) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 Jackpot (within 30 days
). Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 5/08/15 & 5/08/16 that could hit in any combo within the next 30 days. Year of birth (1926) could hit in any combo on the Pick 4 game.

Don Rickles is a living comic legend who rubbed elbows with many of the great performers of the past. What a history. 

Was shown his image. No interaction or dialog. 

More than likely he was conjured up for Fla. Lotto purposes.

It is possible we could get headline news about or connected to Don Rickles within the remaining 2016 and maybe later in 2017. 

He is (90) years old. News could develop in regard to his health. Which might require him to be hospitalized and treated. 

2016 has taken many iconic entertainers. Could Don Rickles be another? Not limited to this type news. 

Barry Manilow   Born 6/17/1943

For Fl. Lotto Purposes: Within the the next 30 days (617) could manifest in any combo as a Pick 3 Jackpot. Also watch prior Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpots from 6/17/15 & 6/17/16 that could hit within the next (30) days. Year of birth (1943) is Fla. Lotto Eligible. 

Have posted a few dreams about Barry Manilow in the past. Some of those turned into headline news about his health. Some were Fla. Lotto connected.

Was shown an image of a frail Barry Manilow. Thinner than normal for him. 

So many great songs. Could he be the next big music artist to pass on in 2016? Possibly. Not limited to this type of headline news. 

 Significant news about or connected to Barry Manilow could evolve in the near future.  

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