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Saturday, March 4, 2017


3/04/17/ This Vampire Repetition Phenomenon Post was made only (2) days ago and then this headline hits the news today. So is this the outcome? Or another Repetition leading to something much bigger? What are the odds a serial killer is nick named (The Vampire).

Serial killer nicknamed the Vampire who murdered 200 people is shot dead by police then dragged through streets in Nigeria 

  • Henry Chibueze, 36, was responsible for killing up to 200 people 
  • His campaign of kidnap and murder began when he was just 11-years-old
  • Chibueze had been in police custody, but was busted out in January 

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Original Vampire Repetition Phenomenon Post Below:

3/02/17  12:41 AM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Vampires

Started repeating on 2/2517


1 ) 2/24/17 Fri/ Watching a show on (Netflix) called (Top 10)

A series about various paranormal and supernatural phenomenon.

A segment about Vampires is shown. For some reason it resonated in my Solar Plexus and I jotted it down on my notepad to see if would start repeating. (10:42 PM CDT.)

2) 2/25/17/ Sat. Left a channel on after a program I watched and the next show was a Cartoon that I noticed it had aVampire Character before I flipped it off. (2:09 PM CDT.)

3) 2/26/17/ Sun. Up early and flip on the TV. Start Channel surfing and run across a program in progress called (Mystery Hunters). It is about Vampires (6:15 AM CDT.)

4) 2/26/17/ Sun. I am checking my blog and notice someone is reading a past post on Vampires. What are the odds? (4:02 PM CDT.)

5) 3/1/17 Wed. (12:21) AM CDT. I am channel surfing for a movie to watch and I come across (Interview with a Vampire). I've seen this film many times so I did not watch it again.

6) 3/1/17 Wed. Watching (Dr. Oz). There is a Female guest talking about cooking with Garlic. Dr. Oz jokes the dish would keep Vampires away. (3:16 PM CDT.)

7) 3/1/17 Wed. Watching the new HBO Sitcom (Crashing).Vampires are mentioned at (10:42 PM CDT.)

8) 3/2/17 Thurs. Channel surf for a movie to watch and run across this title (Lesbian Vampire killers) (12:15 AM CDT.) I did not watch this. 

That was the last one in this current Vampire Repetition Series

This many encounters can't be a coincidence.

It feels like a sense of urgency when anything repeats with this type of Frequency. 


Very possible a bizarre high profile headline news story about or connected to Vampires or Vampirism could manifest within the next few months or within 2017. 

Vampire Cult news stories are reported on from time to time. I don't think there has been one of those in some time. Maybe that is about to change. 

Vampire Bats could become the center of significant news story.
I read a news story sometime back about Vampire bats feeding on Humans in South American. This is not suppose to happen. 

It's possible one or more real life Vampires are discovered or at least evidence is found that some really existed in the past. Maybe skulls with Fang like teeth are found somewhere. 

Maybe invisible Vampires are feeding on the Life Force of certain individuals. 

There has to be a reason the Subconscious wants my attention on Vampires at this time. 

My interpretations may be off. This should make sense at some point. 

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