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Sunday, March 26, 2017


3/26/17 (Sun. Eve.) Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Jackpot Combo (7666)

Posted the Late Paul Newman Dream this morning at 11:31 AM CDT. About 7 hours before the Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Eve. Draw time. Another very fast Jackpot Result connected to a Dream. 

On 9/26/16 the (4) digits (6676) hit on the Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Midday Game. 

You should look back and read the long version with the Dream and Dream Summary. Very possible we will get some more Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpot combos connected to this Paul Newman Dream.

Paul Newman Bday/Lotto Info from Original Dream posted this morning below:

3/26/17  11:31 AM CDT.

Paul Newman Born 1/26/1925 Passed 9/26/2008 (Note: the Coincidence of being born on the (26th) and Passing on the (26th)

For Fl. Lotto Purposes: (126) or (926) could manifest in any combo as Pick 3 Jackpots as well as (1925) or (2008) could also manifest in some combo as a Pick 4 Jackpot within the next 30 days. Also watch prior Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpots from 1/26/16 & 1/26/2017 & 9/26/2008 to possibly hit within that same 30 day time frame. 

In some cases Dreams of the dead will not only produce Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpots connected to their date of Death, but also to the the last two dates.

In other words Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpot combos from 9/26/15 and 9/26/16 could also manifest within 30 days.   

Have posted a number of Paul Newman Dreams with results. One of those was prior to his sad passing. You can look back and research any of those.

Special Note: 99.9 % of the time when the DW conjures up the Dead the result will be Florida Lotto related.

There is the slim possibility that high profile news connected to some aspect of Paul Newman's life could manifest within the next few weeks, months or within 2017 Read Examples. Some of these would pertain to his extended family. His Wife Joanne Woodward could make news etc. Or one of his Children.

Examples: Death, illness, accident, divorce, marriage, pregnancy or birth of a child, extended family news, public incident, major acclaim etc. and not limited to those suggestions.

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