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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


3/22/17   12:41 AM

Say Hello to my Little Friend/ Repetition Phenomenon

The catch phrase was made famous when Al Pacino (as Tony Montana) uttered it in the (1983) Movie Scarface

Earlier in the Day on 3/21/17 I found myself mentioning (Say hello to my little Friend) out loud. Not sure why. Possibly because of the following.

As the day went on I started hearing this same phrase on  various TV programs that I just happen to tune into. Some on the show I was watching or a TV ad where it was used.

Read the last two Repetitions below:

3/21/17 (Tues Eve)

Watching (NBC's) The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy and his guests Jessica Chastain and Joe Manganeillo are playing Charades. One of the Clues for Jimmy and Jessica is (Scarface) which they get correct and then Jimmy states (Say Hello to my Little Friend) and mimics what Al Pacino did in the movie with the M-16 and grenade launcher. (11:40 PM CDT.)

3/21/17 (Tues Eve)

Watching (Nightline) on ABC. There is a segment about Combat Camp for Tourists. This place is located outside San Antonio Texas. A person can Fire a Tank, shoot a 50 Cal. machine gun, or use a Flamethrower and more.

Reporter Clayton Sandell gets to demonstrate a Flame Thrower. Just before he ignites it he states (Say Hello to my Little Friend) 11:57 PM CDT.

There were (2) other repetitions that occurred prior to the examples posted not counting the catalyst of myself saying it out loud earlier in the day.

There was a Scarface reference on Jeopardy this afternoon.

It appears the Subconscious wants my attention on (Say Hello to my Little Friend) or so it seems.

Special Note: Based on a number of these Repetition Phenomenon experiences, when something repeats with this type of frequency it usually means something connected to it is close to manifesting. 

Possibilities/ With no Guarantee anything will manifest:

I read recently that a remake of (Scarface) is in the works. I wonder if they will keep this Catch Phrase in the new film or replace it with something else.

We might get updated news on the remake soon. 

Al Pacino made it famous. In a strange way this could be the way the inner guide wants my attention on Al Pacino. 

Which could mean that Al Pacino might become the center of a high profile news story about or connected to him within the next few months or within 2017. Maybe later. 

His 77th Birthday will be on 4/25. Always possible there could be a Florida lotto connection and something could manifest connected to his bday or birth year of 1940. A potential Fla. lotto Pick 3/ Pick 4 Jackpot combo. 

Director Oliver Stone wrote the Scarface Screenplay. He must have written the Catch Phrase line. Always possible we could get significant Oliver Stone news within 2017. 

Brian De Palma directed the film. The same goes for him. Potential news of some nature within 2017. 

Someone might be caught in a scenario with no way out and they decide to shoot their way out of it. This could happen if Police have someone surrounded. Not limited to that setting. 

It might be reported or captured on video that they stated (Say Hello to my Little Friend) before a hail of gunfire begins and probably ends the life of that individual. 

News sources might put this in the headline and more than likely mention the 1983 film Scarface. 

I could be way off with this interpretation. It is also possible nothing will manifest from this. It is all part of this ongoing experiment to prove precognition is very real. 

There has to be some reason the Subconscious has brought it to my attention.   

It will be interesting to see if I encounter more repetitions. 

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