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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Thursday, March 9, 2017


3/09/17  2:41 PM CDT.

The Archangel Michael Dream/ Daytime Setting

My Dream Character was standing looking out an open window  from a room on the second floor or higher of a home, Hotel or Hostel at a beautiful vista of rolling green grass bordered on all sides by a Forest with snow capped mountains in the BG. 

It felt like I was in a Foreign country. Think Switzerland, Sweden, Germany or Austria etc. Not limited to those Countries.

The Window had rustic and worn wooden double doors that were pulled back. This was not a walk outside to a patio window.

As I stared out to this setting I heard a low male voice come out of thin air that said...

....The Archangel Michael is with you!  I was startled and started looking around but could see no one.

Then the voice said Michael will protect you from the Apocalypse.

The voice told me I was in a period where I can manifest what ever I want. 

I laughed and answered with (Anything?)

I said show me a Camel. Within Seconds a Camel appeared below on the ground below the window. 

Then I said show me a flying Dinosaur.

In a split second I was staring face to face with this long necked dinosaur that was a Loch Ness Monster looking Creature with Dragon like wings. 

It was flying in place. It did not look menacing. I felt no fear from it. 

All of this was so real. The Flying Dino was the last thing I recalled prior to the Dream fading.


Has to be some reason the the Dreamweaver wants my attention on the Archangel Michael, a Camel, and this Flying Dino. 

The Archangel Michael Dream Fragment
Note: You might want to research who the Archangel Michael is if you don't know anything about this Angel. 

It is possible one or more persons claim to have been contacted by the Archangel Michael in the near future. They might talk about being warned of a future apocalypse or some impending disaster. 

Think of one of those Doomsday Cults. 

The Camel Dream Fragment

In addition we could get a high profile news story about or connected to a Camel. It would more than likely be something odd or unusual to draw the attention of major news sources.
This type of news could happen within the next few months or within 2017. 

The Flying Dinosaur Dream Fragment

This Dino looked part Loch Ness Monster with large dragon like wings.

It is possible we could get two significant news stories within the next few months or within 2017.

One could be about the actual Loch Ness Monster of Scotland or about a Loch Ness Monster type creature located in some other area of the globe. There are a number of areas of the World where Loch Ness type creatures have been reported.

Maybe someone (or more than one person) will finally get clear photo/video footage of what one of these Creatures actually looks like. 

If this happens that video or photo would go viral and every major news source would be all over it. 

It is also possible someone has a close encounter with one and maybe calls 911 or 999 and the recording is played to the public at a later time.

The Dragon Wings

Posted a Dream on 1/31/17 about a Winged Dragon. Nothing has manifested from that Dream yet.

That Dream involved actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Look back and read that interesting Dream. 

 Something could be close. It is possible someone (or more than one) witness captures an image that looks like an actual Flying Dragon. It might baffle experts in the beginning. 

Or someone discovers a fossil of what could be described as a Flying Dragon in the near future. Some artist might do his take on it.  

Not limited to any of the suggestions.

Hopefully the great Apocalypse is not going to hit anytime soon. There may be a scenario that many may feel is Apocalyptic. Maybe in our area. 

The Archangel said I would be safe from harm in the Dream. 

My Dream character was also told I was in a time I could manifest anything I want. I think each of us go through different times in our lives where it appears we can manifest what ever we want. Then it stops. Why? 

So maybe I have entered or will enter a new phase in the near future.  

I will be putting this to the test soon. I might need to be very careful what I ask for:) 

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