Alan Colmes Fox News Strategy Room interviews Patrick Scott March 4th, 2010 - Part One

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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Friday, March 10, 2017


3/10/17  5:40 PM CDT.

The Following Topics were conjured up by the Dreamweaver within this morning's 7:30 AM CDT to 11:20 AM CDT Sleep Phase and Dream Cycle in no certain order. They were separate Dream Fragments.

Stigmata Dream Fragment

I was shown a close up of the Face (Male in his Mid 30's with Dark Hair)

There was Blood coming from his Right Eye and Right Nostril.

The Blood was thick and dark red.

I was startled and woke up.

It did not look like this person had been in an accident. They did appear to be in a Trance. The white of the Right Eye was totally bloodshot. No white showed.
Blood flowed from the Right nostril.

My first thought was someone was experiencing Stigmata. 

Which could mean a High Profile Stigmata news story could manifest within the next few months or within 2017. Maybe later.

More than likely it will be caught on Video and that would probably go viral. Real or Hoax Stigmata will probably be major media Headlines. 

Can't recall the last time I saw a Stigmata Headline news worthy story.

Lice Dream Fragment

My Dream Character was cleaning out what looked like a shoe box. I found a blue lice comb.

Before I picked it up I grabbed a paper towel to see the blue lice comb on. My plan was to throw it away.

As I turned to walk toward a trash can I noticed something moving on the comb.

A closer inspection revealed it was dozens of live lice. I sped up my pace toward the trash can while carefully trying to keep the lice on the comb. 

Just before I got to the trash can a few of them hopped on my wrist. I quickly dropped the blue comb into the nearby trash can and proceeded to frantically brush the lice off my wrist. 

This dream was so real I could feel the lice on my wrist as well as my hand slapping at them. The Scene faded. 

I hope this does not mean I am going to encounter a head lice problem anytime soon. I dealt with these one time in my life and it was a pain in the butt to get rid of them. I did use a blue lice comb exactly like the one in the Dream. I never did figure out where the lice came from. 

The Dream did not show the lice getting into my scalp area. 

More than likely this Dream is a heads up to a significant lice headline news story. It will probably be in regard to some (Super Lice) Breed that may not respond to traditional treatment. The lice may have built up an immunity.

News could be about a major lice outbreak somewhere that has nothing to do with (Super Lice). But the outbreak is considered huge and rare (maybe historical). 

This could happen at one or more schools. Although this type of thing seems to affect young kids, it could also happen to teens or Adults. 

In some manner expect Lice or Super Lice to make headline news in the next few months or within 2017. Maybe Later.

Multi Tornado Outbreak Dream Fragment

Myself and 4 other unknown people were running toward this free standing and small screened in patio studio which was in the midst of some trees. 

 I think my Sister Kelly was one of them (Born 1/31).  There were two little blond kids (a girl and a boy) that might have been between the ages of 8 and 10 and a middle aged Brunette woman who was thin in stature who I think was their Mom.

We were running from a sudden onslaught of 5 big Tornadoes heading our direction.

It felt like the funnel clouds were chasing us. 

This scenario was so real. I could feel my heart racing.

All of us got inside this small screened in room. I noticed the floors were cement

I told everyone to lay completely flat on the cement until the Tornadoes passed. 

I laid flat and could hear that trademark freight train sound and feel like the air was being sucked out of the area. 

I attempted to look up and could see the Funnel Clouds were about to tear right through us. For a brief moment I thought to myself this is it. 

Suddenly I witnessed all the tornado tails retract as if they jumped over the structure we were in. From my POV I watched the tails of the Tornadoes touch down on the other side of the building. It was a miracle. 

I woke up to jot the dream down in my Dream Journal. 


Special note: I shared a movie Trailer connected to a new disaster film called (Geostorm) this morning with some Friends via email. There was a similar multi tornado clip. It is possible this triggered this multi tornado Dream Sequence. (maybe) 

Tornadoes are known to jump buildings in their path leaving them without any damage. Then those same Funnel Clouds continue on their path of destruction. 

It is possible someone (or more than one person) might capture a string of tornadoes jumping over buildings or homes etc.

That type of video might go viral.

On another note: Our area might experience a tornado outbreak within the next few months. Something this area has not seen since Hurricane Ivan/2004. 

A law enforcement officer Friend was almost sucked up by a funnel cloud during that 2004 outbreak. 

He and his partner were checking buildings along the beach to make sure people had evacuated. They went into a restaurant called Hamilton's to make sure it was empty when the Tornado came out of nowhere. They managed to grab a bar railing and held on until the Tornado passed. The funnel cloud destroyed this restaurant. 

Hopefully this is not something I have to experience. I have had a couple of Dreams about a Tornado ripping through my neighborhood. If one or more does threaten maybe it will jump my house. 

It's possible some other area is going to get hit by a major tornado outbreak soon. 

There have been a number of major headline making Tornado outbreak news stories in the last few weeks. So another one would not be uncommon.

Usually if the DW is showing it to me the event or incident will not be run of the mill. Which means something rare or historical in nature. 

Has to be some reason the Dreamweaver gave me this very real multi tornado Dream.

I'll be giving this Dream some more thought. Might update later. 

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