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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Thursday, March 16, 2017


DC = Dream Character  DW = Dreamweaver LR = Lotto Rules
 Note: Keep in mind, 99% of the time when the Dreamweaver shows images of people who have passed on(Celebs and People I know etc) the future result will more than likely be Fla. Lotto connected. Always possible that news of some nature could also evolve.

Lotto Rules: Read Carefully as it pertains to dreams: Note: The last (2) Birthdays of Celebs and or people I know could be connected to near future Florida Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 win combos that could hit within the next 30 days in any combination of the digits. (Example: Person's last two bday's of 1/01/2013 and 1/01/14)

The actual Bday and Birth year should be inclusive plus what hit on their last bday according to the Florida Lotto
 Archives.(You can look up their Birth years if needed) In addition: Keep in mind past addresses and phone numbers(personal and business) might also be inclusive. 

NEW: In addition the first or last name or both, of a person I know or celeb(within a dream) could be leading to news involving some one with that very same first or last name and have nothing to do with the actual person the DW conjured up.

The Lotto Echo Effect:

Also keep in mind that Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpots that hit a year ago: Example  (Oct. 6, 2013)...Could hit again within the same month of the new year in the same way or in a different Combo. Happens many times.

Note: It is always possible (in some cases) that the Birthdays connect to the last 3 years instead of the standard 2 years.

Note: Had a very long, vivid and detailed Dream cycle. So many things were shown to me. I am still working on deciphering my notes. I woke up 6 times to record Dreams. There is so much detail It would take hours to get it all on the Blog. So many Fragments. I may have to leave detail out and focus on some of the subjects I feel have the best chance of manifesting soon. Maybe one day some institution will examine my Brain to see what is going on when I sleep. It's like another life at times. Maybe multiple lives. 

3/16/17  11:09 AM CDT.

Mark   Born 10/27
Special Note: This makes the second Dream of Mark since the 3/07/17 Dream Post. This usually means something is close to manifesting. 

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (1027) to possibly hit as a Pick 4 Jackpot(within 30 days). Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 10/27/15 And 10/27/16 that could hit in any combo within the next 30 days. Year of birth (1960) is Fla. Lotto Eligible in any combo. Phone, and address (1005/6645) digits are Fla. Lotto Eligible to hit in any combo within 30 days.

More than likely the DW conjured up Mark for Fla. Lotto purposes. It is possible I could hear news about or connected to him in the near future.  I do hear from him from time to time via email. 

99.9% of the time when the DW conjures up Mark it is Fla. Lotto related.

Dream: Condensed/POV

Mark was showing my Dream Character a new business venture he was developing.

He gave me a walk through of the building space he and some partners had rented in this strip shopping center.

Two of the spaces were going through the build out phase. The third one was about to open. It was full of all sorts of Electronics. The set up was nice and professional.

I could see pads, laptops, TV's plus and more all around this store. Some things I had no idea what they were.

He was demonstrating this portable device that was a computer, printer, fax etc. that was on wheels. It served many needs. It reminded me of a tower. Tall and oblong looking, dark in color with some green lining

He wanted me to roll it around to see what I thought. It was lightweight. 

I could tell Mark was excited about this venture. I recall looking at (3) digits above the door from the inside. Looked like (708) from my POV. Which means it was probably (807). 

I asked Mark what was the Business name. He said (The Community). 

Note: Very possible some combo of these (3) digits could hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot soon. Keep in mind I did post a Dream about Actor David Duchovny on 3/06/17. His Bday is (8/07 or 807). This could be a trigger Dream Fragment. (maybe) Nothing has manifested connected to David since the 3/06/17 Dream. 

Mark asked me if I had my Tarot Cards with me. He wanted me to do a reading around this Business Venture. 
(I use to carry a small key chain Tarot Deck with me in the past). I no longer read cards (playing or tarot).

I did have a thought run through my mind that I did not disclose to Mark. I didn't feel good about the partners. I did not verbalize this to him for fear of being thought of as being negative about the venture. But he did want a Tarot Reading. So I guess he was prepared for what I saw. 

These days I rarely offer my intuitive opinion to anyone via cards etc. I do trust my Dreams. Mastering the interpretation is the magic Key. I am always working on that.

No need to summarize this Dream. It will be interesting to see what manifests from this detailed Dream Sequence. 

I don't think Mark plans on going into business with anyone anytime soon, much less rent three building spaces to do so. Unless this is something in the not too distant future he announces.

 This could be about some new businesses opening in our area. One dealing with all sorts of electronics. Maybe to rival Best Buy etc. Although it did feel like a local group. 

There was much more going on in this Dream Sequence I hope to be able to break down and post later.

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