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Saturday, March 18, 2017



My Next Door Neighbors Dream

Another of those Very real and lucid Dream Fragments

I keep watch over my Neighbor's homes on each side of me while they are at work or they take a trip

Whenever I hear something odd during the hours when they are at work etc. I usually inspect.

I will usually look out my Laundry room window to check on my Neighbors to my left or the east side. They live at address (614). 

I have Venetian type Blinds on that window that I keep closed.

In the Dream state I heard a commotion.  I was in my Bedroom.

I went into my Laundry room and lifted and looked out through one of the slats to try to remain unseen.

That's when I noticed my Neighbors standing outside talking.
The Husband, Wife and their little boy. 

They suddenly looked my direction and waved. I thought to  myself they knew I was checking on their home. 

I got up to write the Dream down.

Special Note: Even though we are friendly neighbors I do not visit with them on any consistent basis. I go months without talking with them. They are a young couple with a little boy on the go. 


Later on in the day I went outside for a break. I usually walk around my house to inspect the outside etc. I turned to my left to the area between my Home and (614). I walk a few feet and find a very large Dead Rat. I was startled because I have not seen a rat anywhere near my house in the over 12 years I have lived here. That was at 3:50 PM CDT.

Hopefully this is not the beginning of a Rat problem. This is a nice neighborhood. But rodents can suddenly show up anywhere. I am also very careful about putting food items in my trash can. I'm not sure the other neighbors do the same. 

I was trying to figure out what killed it. So I went about getting a plastic bag, putting on plastic gloves etc. to prep it to throw away.

I noticed my neighbors were not home. I felt I needed to talk to them about this. 

So I stood outside for a moment and suddenly they drive up. Like it was planned. 

Imagine that I just have the Dream about them and then they drive up. All three of them. They had been to their son's soccer match.

I showed them the dead rat. We talked about that and some other things. They are major FSU Fans and Alumni. I told them the Dream I had about FSU And Alabama being in the College Football Playoffs. Which they liked. Plus they are going to the regular season FSU/ Alabama Game. A nice short visit with the catalyst being a Dead Rat:)

Although I have all their Bday info for Fla. Lotto purposes (5/27), (2/03) and (4/17). I feel the Dreamweaver may have shown me the Dream because I was going to have this real life encounter with them and possibly one other thing. 

In addition: It is very possible that some combo of their home address digits of (614) could hit as a Florida Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo within the next 30 days.

Special Note: These (3) digits hit twice last March 2016. Very possible some combo will echo back in soon. 

Also I believe that the universe sends us signs some might call superstition. The unseen human rat that may have been around me without my knowledge is now Dead or soon will be and exposed by the light :) (Maybe)

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