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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


3/01/17/ Meteor and Sonic Boom in the headline less than 2 weeks after the Dream Post. Maybe it's a Coincidence.  Less than 1 % of Meteor sightings have a Sonic Boom.

Dashcam captures a huge meteor in Texas that was spotted over 700 miles away and created a rare sonic boom

  • A giant meteor streaked over West Texas on Sunday night
  • Cop car captured the stunning event on dashcam video
  • Sightings reported as far away as Aurora, Colorado, 700 miles away
  • Created rare sonic boom, heard in less than 1 per cent of meteor sightings 

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Original Meteor/Sonic Boom Dream Below:

2/19/17  6:28 PM CDT.

Mike M.   Born 1/20

Dream: Setting: Daytime

Mike and my Dream Character were standing on the deck of an unknown bar/restaurant a distance from the Beach. It felt like our local beach because the sand was white. It was a nice cloudless day. There was a very slight sea breeze.

I recall hearing the sound of steel drums in the background. 

Suddenly something went streaking by in the sky to our right. Both of us looked up and about that time a sonic boom manifested. In reaction we ducked.

Mike slapped my left shoulder. I glanced at him and noticed he was pointing out into the ocean (which would be the Gulf of Mexico if this was where we were).

There was a large wall of water heading our direction. The Dream Faded.

Two Dream Fragments: Something from the sky (meteor/Asteroid or other) and Massive Wave Action (Tsunami or Tidal wave etc.)

Something went streaking by in the sky creating a sonic boom.

Sounds like a Meteor or asteroid, but I can't be 100% sure that is what it was. It may have been a missile. 

I lean toward a heavenly body from Space.

This Fragment could be indicating we could get a high profile Meteor/Asteroid impact or near impact news event in the near future. Possibly within 3 months or within 2017. Time frames are Tricky.

This Dream could also be indicating we could get another mass Meteor sighting incident which will more than likely be caught on Video and reported by many witnesses. Major media would probably show the video.

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