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Saturday, March 11, 2017



I'm not an Astrologer. On a personal level Astrology has never worked for me. But I have studied Mercury Retrograde for many years and it does appear to be valid. 

We will be entering Pre Merc. Retro on March 26, 2017. It will go Full Blown on April 9, 2017. It will go post Retro on May 4, 2017. 

If you don't know all the rules of Merc. Retro you may want to find a thorough explanation.

There is a very good one on Susan Miller's Astrology Zone site.

I usually make my own Merc. Retro explanation each Merc. Retro. Phase. Each phase usually coincides with a Full Moon.
This Combo can make for some intense and explosive natural disasters. It appears to play hell on anything mechanical or electronic. And some other bizarre things can occur.

Special Note: This Mercury Retrograde applies to all signs of the Zodiac not just to the signs it retrogrades in. 

  April 2017, Mercury Retrogrades in Taurus
When Mercury goes retrograde in the earthy sign of Taurus, almost nothing gets done in life. You would have made multiple levels of plans but everything just goes haywire. You would be stressed and strained and emotionally drained to the core. Add to this financials might get hindered. Though you put in much effort nothings comes out of it. Communication in personal and professional life gets a beating. It is best advised to wait for Mercury to go direct.

During August 2017, Mercury Retrogrades in the house of Virgo

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and when Mercury goes retrogrades in the sign of Virgo the effects would be felt more. Emotions rule the roost bringing you into untold sufferings in life. You might get into unwanted troubles or arguments. Career would meet with lot of impediments. Communications would go out of control, you are best advised to stay calm and not to react to situations.

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