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Thursday, March 16, 2017



Letter bomb explodes at Intertional Monetary Fund office in Paris

PARIS -- Paris police say a letter bomb exploded at the French office of the International Monetary Fund, lightly injuring one person.
A police official said no other damage was been reported in the incident in western Paris on Thursday. It is unclear who sent the letter. Police experts are at the scene, said the official, who was not authorized to be publicly named.

Original Dream Below:

7/19/16   11:30 AM CDT.

Mail Box Bombs Dream

This Dream occurred prior to waking up

POV Dream Sequence:

I was watching a Bomb Squad (I think Police vs. military) working to remove a make shift bomb from a group of connected mailboxes that was located outside. The type an apartment complex would offer. A key needed to open them etc.

I'm not sure if these mailboxes were residential or business. I felt they were residential. 

They I heard someone in the background mention that someone had put a bomb inside of Cop's mailbox. The scene faded right after this.

The Dreamweaver did not show the Bomb explode.


1) A IED or homemade bomb found in a mailbox is very possible. 

Someone trying to take out a Law Enforcement Officer in this manner is also not out of the question. 

This setting existed in the (1973) Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry) sequel (Magnum Force). Small bombs were placed in the mailboxes of Harry and his partner. His partner was killed. 

Movies, TV shows, and novels Foreshadow the future in a strange way...they also give ideas to people. 

It is possible it is discovered before it can do harm. We might get a live feed of a Bomb Squad working to defuse a mail box bomb or something like this. Or a video that goes viral. 

2) The Dreamweaver showed this group of outdoor mailboxes with a bomb scenario to get my attention.

This does not limit to where a mailbox bomb could show up...or mail bomb for that matter.

3) Mail bombs are delivered to buildings. Mail bombs have been delivered to the doorsteps of homes. Made to look like mail or other type of carrier etc. 

Lock and key mailboxes exist in many areas. Post Offices, apartments, free standing mail box and shipping location businesses, mobile home parks, etc. 

The outdoor type would be much easier to access.

I think you understand. 

It is possible more than one bomb is found. There could be a number that have been planted in specific mailboxes that belong to Law Enforcement officers.

Not limited to Law Enforcement officers. 

A serial bomber might target anyone to incite fear. This does not mean this person or persons are connected to any terror organization. 

Someone might become a Unabomber Copycat. If this does start happening....major media might use Unabomber in a future headline. 

Sudden news of potential mail box bombs would create panic in many across the nation...or the world if this happens somewhere other than the USA. 
One more thing to add to our paranoia.

Major News Headlines might read Mail Box Bomb or bombs...or mail bombs etc. 

Has to be some reason the Dreamweaver conjured this up.

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