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Friday, March 17, 2017


3/17/17 (Fri. Mid.) Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo (460)

Aaron Paul Dream posted on 2/28/17/ Under the (30) day window set in the Lotto rules. (At the top of all new Dream Posts)

On his last bday of 8/27/16 the (3) digits (460) hit on the Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Eve. game

Original Aaron Paul Dream Below:


Aaron Paul  Born 8/27

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (827) and (1979/ Year of Birth) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpotwithin 30 days. Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 8/27/15 & 8/27/16 that could hit in any combo within the next 30 days.

You can look back and read past Aaron Paul Dreams and Results.

Brief Dream: Daytime Setting/ Overcast

My Dream Character was walking through a parking lot toward a strip mall.

In my path was a male figure lying on his back on the pavement.

I walked over to him to see if he was okay.

I stopped and stood over him for a moment. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be okay.

Then I realized it was actor Aaron Paul. Suddenly he opens his eyes and looks up. He rubs his eyes.

I asked him if he was okay. He sits up and nods his head that he was fine.

He said: Dude, I must have dozed off. The Dream faded.


This is the way the DW chose to get my attention on actor Aaron Paul.

Possibly for Fla. Lotto purposes or high profile news.

Not run of the mill news if any does evolve. See Examples.

Examples of High Profile News: Death, illness, divorce, accident, pregnancy or birth of a child, extended family news, public incident, Career Acclaim etc. and not limited to those suggestions.

News could manifest within the next few months or within 2017. 

Not sure why the DW conjured up Aaron in this manner.

I'll have to think about the symbolic meaning. Maybe something happens to Aaron that puts him flat on his back. A possible accident. 

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