Alan Colmes Fox News Strategy Room interviews Patrick Scott March 4th, 2010 - Part One

Alan Colmes Fox News Strategy Room interviews Patrick Scott March 4th, 2010 - Part Two

Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Monday, March 20, 2017


3/20/17/Heimlich Maneuver Dream posted on 3/13/17. Then this local News Story surfaces less than a week later. It first aired on local Ch. 7 WJHG News last night on 3/19/17(Sun). See Video story below and make sure to pay attention to the Yellow School Bus # (684). This is a 3 digit number I have been tracking that could possibly hit as a Florida Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo soon. 

The event happened this past Jan. 2017 But it was not reported by local news sources. If it was reported I did not catch it and I watch the local news on a daily basis. So I had no present reality knowledge, but it appears the Subconscious did have the knowledge and conjured it up because it knew something was close to manifesting.

 The current news video is about the Bus Driver being honored for saving the Child that was on his Bus. Interesting that this is reported now within a week of the Heimlich Maneuver Dream Post.

Note: You need to reread the original Dream (which is below) to see how this Dream process works (for me/ maybe not for you). How the DW spliced Two people I know into the Dream involved in the Heimlich Maneuver. 

Each of those were Fragments: My Friend Jeff was one Fragment. My Friend George was another Dream Fragment.
The Heimlech Maneuver was another Dream Fragment. All spliced together into a mini movie to get my attention. 

The Jeff and George Dream Fragments produced quick hitting Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Jackpot Combos. You can look back and fact check that result.

It appears that the Heimlich Maneuver Dream Fragment has now been satisfied. (maybe)

All three of these Fragments have manifested in less than a week of the Dream. (Or maybe I'm the only one looking at it this way:)

Local school bus driver recognized for potentially saving child's life using Heimlich Maneuver

Original Heimlech Maneuver Dream Below:

3/13/17 2:36 PM CDT.


 Not sure of the location but I was watching George perform the Heimlich Maneuver on Jeff. 

Suddenly something projected from Jeff's mouth. It went out of view. I'm not sure what it was.

Jeff and George were both relieved. They hugged each other as the scene faded.


This is the way the DW spliced Jeff and George into this very real vision. It did get my attention on them. 

This does not mean that either one of them will actually be involved in this type of scenario.

But they could.

More than likely we will get a high profile Heimlich Maneuver news story within the next few weeks to months or within 2017.

This might be caught on video. That video might go viral. Major news sources would probably show it as well. 

If the DW is showing it to me then it will won't be some run of the mill news story or incident.

I will use extra caution when eating. I could also be out and witness someone performing the Heimlech Maneuver. Maybe I will save someone using the Heimlech Maneuver. 

Maybe someone who reads this post will have to perform the Heimlech Maneuver in the near future. 

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