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Friday, March 31, 2017


DC = Dream Character  DW = Dreamweaver LR = Lotto Rules
 Note: Keep in mind, 99% of the time when the Dreamweaver shows images of people who have passed on(Celebs and People I know etc) the future result will more than likely be Fla. Lotto connected. Always possible that news of some nature could also evolve.

Lotto Rules: Read Carefully as it pertains to dreams: Note: The last (2) Birthdays of Celebs and or people I know could be connected to near future Florida Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 win combos that could hit within the next 30 days in any combination of the digits. (Example: Person's last two bday's of 1/01/2013 and 1/01/14)

The actual Bday and Birth year should be inclusive plus what hit on their last bday according to the Florida Lotto
 Archives.(You can look up their Birth years if needed) In addition: Keep in mind past addresses and phone numbers(personal and business) might also be inclusive. 
NEW: In addition the first or last name or both, of a person I know or celeb(within a dream) could be leading to news involving some one with that very same first or last name and have nothing to do with the actual person the DW conjured up.

The Lotto Echo Effect:

Also keep in mind that Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpots that hit a year ago: Example  (Oct. 6, 2013)...Could hit again within the same month of the new year in the same way or in a different Combo. Happens many times.

Note: It is always possible (in some cases) that the Birthdays connect to the last 3 years instead of the standard 2 years.

3/31/17  11:16 AM CDT. 

My Late Mother   Born 8/30/1920  Passed 5/17/2010

For Fl. Lotto Purposes: (830) could manifest in any combo as a Pick 3 Jackpot. (1920) Could also manifest in some combo as a Pick 4 Jackpot. Also watch prior Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpots from 8/30/15 & 8/30/16, Plus watch her passing date of 5/17/10 because Pick 3 or Pick 4 prior Jackpots from that date might hit soon. Or some combo of (517)(2010) could also manifest within (30 days) Former phone and address digits are Fla. Lotto Eligible. (2503/2647/0658)

99.9% of the time when the DW conjures up my late Mother there will be quick hitting Pick 3/ Pick 4 Fla. Lotto results.

Sometimes the DW will conjure up the Dead as a heads up that I am about to hear news about someone I know passing on. Relative, Friend etc.


My Dream Character was in my Parent's Former home.
Address (2647). Address use to be (2503).

I was telling my Late Mother a story. 

When I got out of the Army I stayed at my Parent's home for a time. I slept in this front room near the front door.  I was telling her about a night when the front door (which was locked) suddenly flew open. 

It opened with a slam and woke me up immediately, but it didn't wake anyone else up. I hesitated at first to inspect the cause. Eventually went over to the door and did not find anything. I closed it and locked it again with the chain this time. 

Suddenly my Mom walks over to the door to inspect it. She starts to open it and tell her not to open the door that it was not safe. She did open it just a bit and I caught if before it went wide. 

Through the slight opening I noticed a blue light flashing from the House address (2652) across the street. This light was not from a Law Enforcement vehicle. 

I asked my Mom to look. She pulled back and stated (I wonder what that means). 

Then I looked back into the room I used to sleep in and noticed two tall Christmas Trees with all sorts of wrapped gifts of various sizes. 

There was something odd on top of one of the trees. At first glance it looked like some type of speaker. 

I thought to myself (who is this all for) because my Mom lives by herself since my Dad Passed. 

At that point I woke up to write the Detailed Dream in my journal.


Seems the DW wants my attention on my late Mother. You can read her info and why she may have been conjured up at the top of the post.

It also appears the Dreamweaver wants my attention on my Parent's Former home address. (Read why at the top of the post). More than likely for Florida Lotto purposes.

In addition it appears the DW wants my attention on the address (2652) the house across the street.

This might be for Fla. Lotto purposes. Which could mean some combo of (2652) could hit as a Florida Lotto Pick 4 Jackpot combo within the next 30 days.

Or it is also possible there could be an emergency situation at this location in the near future. Maybe a home invasion scenario. Not limited to that suggestion.

The DW wanted me to tell my Mother that freak door opening story for some reason. 

Not the first time I have had something strange like this happen. Maybe some Poltergeist type of activity or wild Psychokinesis ala (Carrie) or David from (Legion) the FX series. Maybe I'm going to experience this type of activity again in the near future.

The DW wanted to make sure I paid attention to the two Christmas Trees and all those wrapped gifts. Why two Christmas Trees?

Might be symbolic. I would read this as a positive symbol. Which could mean something in my life might feel like Christmas Day with multiple gifts in the near future.

Or this could be used as a Time Frame. Something in that neighborhood might manifest around Christmas time. 
Maybe to address (2652). 

Always possible this is a heads up to a high profile news story about or connected to Christmas Trees. Maybe a shortage is going to be reported caused by something like a large fire. Or maybe people are going to start using less real trees and opt for artificial or Holographic trees:)
Not limited to those suggestions. 

As you can see there was much going on in this Dream. The DW spliced all this together. This does not mean any of these things will connect in reality. 

Not always easy to interpret a Dream like this. I could be way off.

Only time will tell. Something else might rise to my mind later. If so I will update so make sure to check back. 

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