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Sunday, March 5, 2017


3/05/17  2:06 PM CDT.

Did the Following simple  incidents Foreshadow the Future:

Scarface Coincidence:
Last Sunday (2/26/17) I was channel surfing and ran across a movie I have viewed many times called (Scarface). It was in progress. I decided to jot this incident on my note pad.

I tuned in on a scene with actress (Miriam Colon). She played opposite (Al Pacino) as Tony Montana's Mother in this movie. I recall wondering if this actress was still alive. I did not look it up at the time. 

Then I noticed the news yesterday of (Miriam Colon's) sad Death. Only a week after noticing her in this movie. Is this a Coincidence?

Miriam Colon, Latina Film and Theater Pioneer Known for ‘Scarface,’ Dies at 80

That 70's Show Coincidence:

Was up very late channel surfing 2/27/17 and ran across this popular late 90's into the 2000's TV series. I never did watch it during it's regular season run.  I think I may have caught one or two partial distribution (after series ended) episodes.

I watched this episode from I think 2003. I did a search on IMDB of two actors while viewing it. Danny Masterson was one of those, Topher Grace was the other. I wanted to see how their careers went after (That 70's Show) ended. I knew Topher Grace did a few things. I wasn't familiar with Danny Masterson. Then I see this major news about him on 3/03/17. Coincidence? 

'That 70's Show' star Danny Masterson faces sexual assault allegations

You might find this interesting:

3/04/17/Sat. Eve.

I pulled out some of my past movie schedules from late 1969 and the early 70's. These were from the days my late Father was stationed at Tyndall AFB. These were the Base Theater Schedules. 

The Catalyst:
I wanted to find out the first film I saw at this theater to give me an idea when we moved to Tyndall. Not sure why. It was spontaneous.

I have not looked at these in a very long time. I use them as a timeline marker. What date I first saw a film etc. What I was doing at that time. 

I discovered the schedule with the date and the movie. 8/12/1969. The Sound of Music was the film. So we must have arrived there around the second week of Aug. 1969.

As I glanced at a number of these schedules I noticed a number of films. One of those was (Love Story). Based on the novel by Erich Segal (who also wrote the screenplay)

 I remember that was a major hit film tearjerker that was released Dec. 1970 and was nominated for a number of Academy Awards. It won for best score and nothing else. It made actors Ryan O'Neal and Ali Macgraw a Household name. 

The catchphrase (Love is never having to say your sorry) was very popular back then. 

I have never seen this film. 

I did a IMDB search on both of their careers. Ali MacGraw only had two hit films she was in (Love Story) and (The Getaway) where she met Steve McQueen and eventually married him. It sure seemed she was in more hit films than that. 

Special Note: Veteran actor Tommy Lee Jones was in this film.

Flash Forward to today 3/05/17

I channel surf 12:20 PM CDT. and see (Love Story) has just started. I decide to watch it for the very first time. It was okay. I can see for it's day why it would have been a hit. 

So did viewing those old Tyndall AFB movie Schedules Foreshadow that I was going to encounter (Love Story) today?
Or is it all a Coincidence?

What will be more interesting is if something about or connected to the (1970) movie (Love Story) becomes high profile news in the very near future. 

Maybe news will break about one of the Stars. Ali MacGraw or Ryan O'Neal soon.

Or maybe someone who worked on the film. A top producer etc. or someone else. 
Arthur Hiller (The Director) passed on a some months back.

The once very famous producer Robert Evans could make news soon. 

Maybe nothing at all.

There were a few other films I saw in those past movie schedules that I have already run across while channel surfing.

One of those was (Two Mules for Sister Sara). A great Clint Eastwood/ Shirley MacLaine Classic Western. 

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