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Sunday, March 12, 2017



Signs of an Apocalypse?

1) 3/04/17/ Sat. Watch the HBO debut of the most recent X-Men installment. Title:X Men: Apocalypse

Note: I did not see this film when it was released in May of 2016. It just happens to debut on HBO now. 

2) 3/09/17/Thurs.

Posted a Dream about the Archangel Michael
Look back and read it. It's an eye roller, but that is how the Dream manifested. You will notice the word Apocalypse in that Dream.

Can't recall having a Dream about the Archangel Michael in the past. Why Now?

The Archangel Michael is known as (The Warrior of the Apocalypse)

3) 3/10/17/ Fri.

I was on Netflix looking for a movie to watch. I run across a title called (Horseman) with actor Dennis Quaid. Read the synopsis:
A recently widowed detective still grieving over his wife's death discovers a shocking connection between a serial killing spree and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

4) I have been in the midst of cleaning out closets, re organizing and throwing away etc.

I had forgotten that I put this very large old Bible away in one of the closets. It belonged to my Parents. It was given to them when they got married. Which was a long time ago.  

I had set it on a table in my living room. My plan was to inspect it later. 

After watching the Dennis Quaid film (Horseman) I decided to look through this Bible.

I open it to a section entitled (Apocalypse). That was at the top of the page. (I felt a chill run through me)

Turns out this is actually the Book of Revelations, but for some reason in this Bible it is called Apocalypse.

I have seen a few Bibles in my lifetime. I don't recall one of those having (The Book of Revelations) as (Apocalypse). 

It sure appears something wants my attention on the word Apocalypse. 

Special Note: I have had (Apocalypse) repeat around me before. 


The subconscious might be giving a heads up that some major natural or possibly man made disaster is close to manifesting.

Something that might be considered apocalyptic by those who experience it and major media that reports on it, but it has nothing to do with the Bible. 

In other words something Historical or rare and not run of the mill and exceptionally destructive.  

Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunami, Super Hurricane, Typhoon or Cyclone, sudden sea level rise, Asteroid/Meteor threat, Super Solar Flare, major flooding, mass fires, major Tornado outbreak and not limited to those natural disasters. 

It is possible there could be a string of these type of destructive events that happen within a short time line across the Globe and many might feel this is the beginning of the actual Apocalypse from the Bible.

In perception many people attached to religion could see it as the end times.

Others will see it as History repeating itself. That these type of things have happened before.

Man made disaster is another story. Which could mean someone or group could enact a doomsday scenario.

Possible orchestrated multiple mass destructive attacks somewhere. This could occur in a myriad of ways.

Nuclear (Dirty Bomb or Bombs), Chemical (Think the recent VX nerve agent attack on Kim Jong-Un's relative), Biological (the release of one or more deadly virus).

An accident of some nature. Missile silo launch strike, Nuclear Power Plant, another BP oil spill scenario (But worse), Military plane drops it's nuke payload, or crashes. (Believe it or not this has happened in the USA in the past more than once, it was a miracle the bombs did not explode)

Not limited to those suggestions. 

Maybe encountering these Apocalypse repetitions at this time is nothing but a coincidence. 

Note: I'm not exactly the most religious guy and I am not a prophet of Doom. Things are going to happen beyond our control. There is plenty of Historical evidence to back that up. 

I'm sure there are others out there noticing things repeat around them similar to this post. 

We will see if the signs continue. 

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