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Saturday, March 11, 2017



Special Note: On 3/10/17 I watched the (1965) Richard Burton and Liz Taylor Movie (The Sandpiper) on Turner Classic Movies. The entire setting was the Big Sur area of Northern California. After this film Richard Burton narrated a short Documentary about (Big Sur) entitled (Big Sur). 

On the 3/10/17 Dream post I mentioned I watched this film. 

A day later I see this High Profile News about a Bridge out in Big Sur. 

Was it a coincidence this film came on TCM at this time (1) day before this major Big Sur news?

Was it coincidence I was drawn to watch (The Sandpiper) for the first time?

Was something trying to get my attention on the Big Sur Area of Northern Calif? (maybe)

I recall focusing on a familiar looking Bridge in this movie. It looked like a Bridge from the TV series (Then Came Bronson) that actor Michael Parks rode his Harley across. I don't think it was the actual Bridge that collapsed today.

These type of seeming coincidences have happened around me with consistency for many years. They are happening around all us all of the time. 

It sure seems to me that our Subconscious minds are giving us fragments of our Futures in a consistent non linear manner. 

Downed bridge splits Big Sur IN HALF: Hundreds are left stranded by storm damage - with supplies being helicoptered in and families forced to live apart

  •  Massive storms in Big Sur caused Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge to crumble
  • The community known for  luxury spa treatments and posh hotels is stranded
  • The downed bridge could also close part of scenic Highway 1 for as long as a year

Read more: 

The mention of the movie (The Sandpiper) filmed at Big Sur California below posted with Dream below:

3/10/17  11:47 AM CDT. 

My Late Mother   Born 8/30/1920  Passed 5/17/2010

For Fl. Lotto Purposes: (830) could manifest in any combo as a Pick 3 Jackpot. (1920) Could also manifest in some combo as a Pick 4 Jackpot. Also watch prior Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpots from 8/30/15 & 8/30/16, Plus watch her passing date of 5/17/10 because Pick 3 or Pick 4 prior Jackpots from that date might hit soon. Or some combo of (517)(2010) could also manifest within (30 days) Former phone and address digits are Fla. Lotto Eligible. (2503/2647/0658)

99.9% of the time when the DW conjures up my late Mother there will be quick hitting Pick 3/ Pick 4 Fla. Lotto results.

Sometimes the DW will conjure up the Dead as a heads up that I am about to hear news about someone I know passing on. Relative, Friend etc.

Robert De Niro   Born 8/17

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (817) or (1943/Year of Birth) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot within 30 days. Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 8/17/15 & 8/17/16 which could also hit in any combo soon Within 30 days.

You can look back and read past Robert De Niro Dreams and results.

Outside of the Dreamweaver conjuring up Robert De Niro for Fla. Lotto purposes, we could get a significant headline news worthy story about or connected to him within a reasonable time frame. 

Examples of High Profile News: Death, illness, divorce, accident, pregnancy or birth of a child, extended family news, public incident, Career Acclaim etc. and not limited to those suggestions.

Special Note:

I went to bed around 3:30 AM CDT. Got caught up in watching a TCM movie Starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor called (The Comedians/1967). I had watched their (1965) film (The Sandpiper) prior.

I had never viewed these films before. The late Charles Bronson co starred in the Sandpiper. 

I woke up around 5 AM and made a post about a Dead Person named Billy F. and then dozed off again around 7:30 AM

During this Sleep cycle the DW showed me an image of My Late Mother (The second time this week/ See 3/06/17 Dream Post) 

That Dream produced a quick (same day as the Dream Post) Eve. Pick 3 Fla. Lotto Jackpot (430) connected to the day of her Death (5/17/10). You can look back and verify that result. 

This time there was no interaction or dialog. 

Within this same Dream Cycle from last night the DW conjured up an image of Robert De Niro wearing a goatee and black rimmed standard glasses. He also wore a tweed hat. 

There was no interaction or dialog recalled.

In addition: I have a few other Dream Fragments from this morning's Dream Cycle I will try to post later today.

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